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Kylie, a sweet fighter

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Hi All,

We said goodbye this past week to Kylie, a sweet, petite calico cat, who fought hard most of her life just to survive. Our foster Dad really doted on her, and he did everything you could hope to help Kylie. Shortly after she was rescued, we found out that Kylie had not only been dodging rocks thrown by residents of the apartment complex she called "home," but she had even EATEN some of the rocks.

It was only at the end, that we realized just how long Kylie probably had been out on her own. Maybe she was a pet kitten of some residents of the apartments, like lots of cats at such sites, and when she got older, or when they had to move or were told they were not allowed to have pets, she was left outdoors. Or, maybe, she was the daughter of another homeless cat. We'll probably never know.

Kylie wasn't a strong cat. She was probably a "runt" of her littermates, and she probably had several litters herself before she was very old. All those pregnancies cost her a lot, and Kylie gave a great start to the two cats we rescued with her when they were kittens. Those two cats are her legacy to us, I suppose.

Kylie needed to have some decayed teeth removed, and while she came through that surgery fine at first, she seems to have developed a clot in her lungs, because she began panting to breath, that evening. She had gained some weight and her condition had improved in the last few months, enough to have the tooth surgery, but, not enough to let her beat this blood clot.

I only knew Kylie a little, and only saw her briefly before we let her go the other night. But I am glad she did not die alone, and I'm glad to be able to do work that means there will be fewer cats like Kylie, in local apartment parking lots, as time goes on. I wish that those apartment residents could know how sweet she was, and how little she would have harmed any of them even though in their ignorance, they tried to chase her and stone her to chase her "home" -- when the only home she had was right there!

Go gently, Kylie. We love you.
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Poor baby , but I am glad she found some love on the end .

RIP little Kylie
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RIP Kylie
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There is a candle in my window and a prayer in the air to light the way for this courageous kitty. Angels don't throw rocks, they throw kisses........

Go in peace little one, you have earned it-
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RIP Kylie I am so glad that she knew love before she passed
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Count a few more tears shed for this brave little girl. Kylie knew love, even if it was just for a short while. She finally found people who she could share her real self with, just being a sweet kitty.

You are safe from harm forever, Kylie. You will never have to run away again, for where you are there is only love....
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Poor Kylie.

RIP sweet Kylie.

She is now in a better place where she is happy, healthy, and free from the troubles she knew.

Please know that you and your father did all you could for her. She is now watching over you both with the knowledge of love and compassion in her life.
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That is so very sad. I am glad she knew love before she died. Now she is loved all the time.
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What a sad story for such a sweet little girl. At least she is in Heaven where she will be loved forever.
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Poor litle Kylie
so glad you were able to help her, even for such a short while she will have know she was loved at the end
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RIP Kylie
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God bless you and your dad for taking Kylie in and loving her. My heart goes out to you.

RIP sweet Kylie

Jill and Candy
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Hi All,

It's a real comfort to read each of those replies. Yes, Kylie was, and still is, I'm sure, an angel. It was a privilege to be able to share a little of her story with you and to keep her memory alive. Thank you all!
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