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Cagneys Kitten Update

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Sorry I took so long...things have been hectic.

We have 5 new babies here, for a total of 8 cats in this 1 bedroom apt!

The first 3 are a beautiful silver grey, 1 kinda fluffy, although at 3 days its hard to tell. The 4th is white, and the 5th is kinda pink,,,it doesnt have much hair,but looks either white or cream!

This is bizzare, as anyone familiar with Cagney knows, she is a black and white Tuxedo cat...I have no clue how she had such a pale group of babies!
They're all beautiful though, and appear healthy!

I videotaped the birth, and took a few pics...so I'll keep everyone posted!

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it seems like you went from 2 to 8 cats in a flash!

is your computer fixed yet? are you seeing everything at normal size?
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Cleo, many congratulations to you and Cagney the kittens sound adorable!!
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Cleo; Thanks for the kitty update. I hope everyone is doing fine! I woud love to be there to see the little ones. . . . I am anxiously awaiting the first posted pics. :pinky:
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Count me in as a happy kitty Auntie!
You sure have a full house now - but one full of little mews and meows to warm your heart.
Congratulations - I hope they are all doing well / including momma!
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Aww, Cleo....your new kitties sound adorable! I can't wait to see pictures!!
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