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Alternative ways to give medicine?

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Hey all I have a slight problem. Krista is on medication and I give it to her because im home. Monday I'm going back to college and its in another city, so I can't give it to her anymore. My dad is convinced that she will not take it from anyone but me, so he wants to try putting it in with her food. Im just worried that she may not eat it! Especially since she has to take it twice a day! Does anyone know of other ways to give them the pill? My dad doesn't want to get scratched and im just worried sick over how to get her this medicine. Thanks
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If you are going to be there a little longer, you could try to mix it with a little food to make sure she takes it that way? Also you could ask the vet if they have a "piller".

Good Luck!
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I don't seem to be able to give my cats pills at all. Even after having the vet demonstrate to me how to do it, I still end up with my cats either clamping their jaws so tight that I have to try to force their jaw open or if I do manage to get it in, they spit it out. What works for me is to dissolve it in about 1/2 teaspoon of water and give it in a syringe. My cats may not like it, but don't struggle nearly as much. If your Dad isn't used to handling the cats, though, this might be almost as difficult for him as giving a pill.
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The best way to pill a cat I have found, is first to have a pill gun. You can get that cheaply at the vets office.

Take kitty, and kneel on the floor, cross your ankles behind you and spread your knees so the cat fits between your legs with her back to you. Sit down on your legs (be careful not to squash kitty) Scruff kitty gently raise her head, and shoot the pill down her throat. Massage her neck, give her a treat and let her go. I have used this method successfully with both my socialized ferals and my others that don't have much human contact.
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It looks like you're going to have to find a solution today. Some pet stores carry pill guns. Wrapping the cat in a large bath towel first may prevent scratching. I've always had luck crushing pills and mixing the powder with a tablespoon of water-packed tuna or egg salad. Our last cat would sometimes eat it if it was thickly coated in malt paste or liverwurst.
I hate to admit it, but I usually ask the vet to prescribe something injectable for JC. 90% of the pets we've had were easy to pill, but even our vets don't want to give him a pill.
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Thanks everyone. We dissolved the pill in a teaspoon of tuna water and put a little meat on it, and yay she took it.
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