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I just can't believe it.......

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I've waited for years and finally when I've almost given up and I've least expected it...........
I'm getting married!!!!!!!!
We finalized things with the Justice of the peace Friday and the Wedding is going to be on June 5th 2004. I know it's really soon but we've waited so long and this is really the only time we can get everyone together to do it! Now on to decorations, caterors, invitations, the cake, flowers, thank you cards,UGH! what a time consumating next couple of months!!! I'm so nervous! I hope it all goes smoothly!!!!!!!!
Can you all spare a few vibes for a smooth wedding??
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It's great that you're getting married. I'm sure you will get everything done, and it'll be great!
*sending smooth wedding vibes*
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My congrats to you , I am so happy for you .
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Congratulations! Happy wedding vibes coming!
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Congratulations Barb! I thought you were already married

You must be tickled pink! Have a wonderful wedding, don't stress yourself out too much and once again, congratulations! May you have many happy years together!
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Oh Barb! That is wonderful!!!!!!!! Congrats- congrats congrats!!!!!!!

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Congratulations, I know this will be a hard couple of months so I am sending major *keep calm* vibes and *smooth wedding* vibes!
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Barb that is such exciting news!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

One minor piece of advice, especially since you are pulling this together in such a short time frame. It doesn't matter if the flowers wilt, the cake falls, the groomsman passes out (I've seen that happen!), the dress isn't perfect, or whatever else can go other than planned. At the end of the day, you're still married and that's really all that matters.
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Congratulations!!! Sending happy wedding vibes your way...
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Congratulations Barb!!
Happy Wedding vibes are flying their way to You as I type this.
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CONGRATS to the to be and the groom too. Now all of the fun starts, just remember not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy your wedding.
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Congrats!! I'm so very happy for you!!
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Congrats!!!Sending vibes for a smooth wedding!!
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Barb, that is so exciting (sorry for a late reply). Many vibes flying to you from NZ!
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Thanks everyone! you all are the greatest! I'm off today to start shopping for the decorations, dresses, etc! wish me luck!!!
Kiwideus actually you were right, I was married about 9 years ago so don't hide your head in shame! LOL!
valanhb men faint?? eep! another thing I didnt' think of. hmmm... note to self, bring kitty squirt bottle and squirt first man looking pale! LOL!
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ohhhh, Barb! Congrats on the news! I know how much you have been wanting this! Congrats, again!
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