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Our AC

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I guess I am lucky that the AC here in the area that we work with is extremely rescue friendly ! I am saddened that ALL are not. (However I know many aren't) Basicallly what we do is look on www.petharbor.com go to our AC facility and pick out what we want. The animals are only given 3 days (they don't do adoptions) so basically rescue is their only hope at life. The AC people there are very friendly and gracious and helpful . so it can be done!
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I'm glad you have a good ACO to work with.
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happy to hear that!
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Today's top ten ways to make the ACO your friend
1. Don't violate the law. This keeps him from having to be the "bad guy" and makes you more credible in his eyes.

2. Say good things. Many acos only hear negative comments. Saying nice things to their bosses helps as well. If they screw up, call them and discuss it with them FIRST. Don't copy the entire city government and the mayor's third cousin because the officer that answered the call upset you. Do that AFTER you try and talk to him and he sticks his foot in his mouth and wiggles his toes!

3. Ask for more money. If you are not getting the service that you want from animal control, become and advocate for increased funding and staffing. Political types will listen to citizens much faster than us.

4. Help change the laws. If you don't like the code or the ACO can't help you because it's not on the books, get it added!

5. Realize that the ACO has a job to do and be able to agree to disagree. Some of the things we do, we don't personally agree with either but its the job.

6. Educate your neighbors. Help cut down on the problems by making sure your neighborhood is not the problem child of the jurisdiction. Invite the ACO to the civic meetings to help with this task.

7. Volunteer. Whether its at the local animal control shelter or some other function, by volunteering even a few hours a month, you can free up time for the ACO to work on other tasks like cruelty investigations or rabies clinics.

8. Start a local forum for discussion. Invite local animal control, animal shelter, rescue members, and veterinarians to meet and talk about how to combat the animal related problems. Offer donuts!

9. Be willing to listen. There are other opinions and viewpoints. From within and without - people will say things that can light your last nerve on fire with a passion to inflict a plague of locusts upon them. Make sure your skin is as thick as possible.

10. Watch David Letterman. This subject can be very depressing. Add a little levity and better Top Ten lists to your life. Or email me and I'll tell you another "Truth is stranger than any #$@%$@ we can make up about animal control" tale.

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