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Urinary Problem

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Hello all,
I'm looking for any information I can find to help my Manx, Stubby.
In the past month he has been catheterized 4 times the first time being for a blockage due to crystals. There is no longer crystals in his urine but he continues to squat and drip out 10 or 15 drops of urine at a time. The vet told me urge incontinence due to the irritation of the crystals and catheter. I am now trying the Cantharis
treatment today hoping for some improvement. He is also on Clavimox and an anti-spasmotic drug. Has anyone gone through this? He is happy and full of energy otherwise. He'll be 18 this year and has had many battles with megacolon, now solved but now this!
Thanks for any advice!!!!

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This isn't much help, but my cat Mittens had these crystals as well, and it was so painful for him to go to the bathroom, he would also have blood in his urine. The vet put him on this special food that cleared everything up. The bad part is I have no clue what it was called, it was a couple years back so I totallu forgot. They only carried it at the vet. Sorry!
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I have gone through it, but my kitty ended up having surgery. He is now a she, and hasn't had a problem since. I do know of several people who have used the antibiotics and anti spazm drugs with sucess
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Stubby is on S/D right now for the crystals but I am starting to think it is something else, mucus? stricture? nerve damage?
My vet also suggested the surgery but at his age he didn't recommend it.
Glad your kitties are OK now!

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Here is a pic of our Stubby.
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Can anyone tell me how much it cost for the surgery? I'm taking Stubby back to the vet today and I'm so confused as to what to do for him. He is a very strong willed kitty and I think he could possibly survive the surgery but I don't know what I would do if he didn't!
Currently he is still emptying his bladder drops at a time. He hasn't had a "stream" since this all began 6 weeks ago.

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They put my cat Jack on Science Diet c/d-s can... it's the kind you can only buy at the vet office
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My vet also put my cat on the S/D diet. She hates the wet food but doesn't really mind the hard. The vet said that she can only stay on this food for one month because if she stays on it longer it can make her prone to developing other types of crystals that will not be treatable with diet. I am now introducing her to Wellness as a maintenance food. I have also found a product made by an company called "Halo" its called xtra C. It is a vitamin c supplement that keeps the urine acidic. Its a pill that you can give oraly or crumble up over their food. I sure hope Stubby gets better. Is he on any wet food, if not you may want to start. A great one to try is Spot's Stew. Its completely natural and greatly increases their water intake! Good Luck!
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Jack just had his follow up today with another urinalysis. The vet said to keep him on the wet food for the rest of his life...

"since cats are meant to be carniverous, they need fat/protein based foods. Dry cat food is made mostly of carbohydrates, which will cause the crystals as well as the cat to become overweight because they do not feel full. However, while consuming the wet cat food, which is protein based, and higher in fat, the cat will feel full and stop eating."

When I first brought Jack in for his first UTI, he weighed in at 16lbs 5oz... he now weighs 14lbs 4oz.

So, I guess Jack is just gonna have to get used to his new diet.

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Hello all,
Thanks for the replies and well wishes. Stubby ended up having the surgery almost two weeks ago, it was the only option left. He is doing very well so far and gets his stitches out Wed. I was worried at first because he wouldn't use the litter box, he would just go where ever he happened to be standing! But now he is doing much better!!!!
Thanks again and nice to "meet" you all.

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