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nosey kitty

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Can't keep them out of trouble!
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Sure can't , but it is hard to get mad with them cute kittens
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I think if anyone knew how to keep kittens out of trouble they would win the Nobel Prize! I have a "wannabe" kitten (3 years old) his name is Onyx, he tries his hardest to get into stuff, we now have childlocks on cabinets because he would open them and sleep on our dishware!
That kitten is just soo darn cute! Looks as if it is saying "no matter what I do I can't get in trouble, na na na na"
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AHA!! I love that expression - oops, I just got caught! Silly kitty.
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Oh so cute!! looks like he saying oh! oh!MOMMY SEES ME
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That is SOOOOOOOO cute! I think it's "Caption This" material. And a darned fine thing we're limited to one caption per member, or the list would go on forever!
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So cute.

Who can get mad at such a cute kitty.
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Siamese: babies and adults-full of couriousity and so into trouble, but so hard to punish.
Love the darling pic, thanks for sharing
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So cute!!
Must admit my home is totally ornament free since I brought my kitten home- he's now 1 but still knock them over
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Oh please post more photos of this little furball!!

Makes my heart melt to see such a cutie!!!!!
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How cute! Caught in action!
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