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Originally Posted by SystemXpert
I'm just appalled. I wish I could say what I would like to those establishments. However, everything on the internet is monitored and certain phrases and keywords get noticed. Let me just say, if something awful happened to those people, I would not shed a tear.
I would like to 2nd that
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I watched a show one evening that was about this. I watched about 2 minutes of it before calling the network up and screeching at them about what a horrible bunch of people they are for even showing it. I can still see it clearly though, which is why I didnt read or go to any of the sites listed.

I think it is horrifying and terrible and mean and monstrous and terrible and hideous, but like someone else said, the people there probably dont know its wrong because its their way of life. This is the same reason I refuse to buy live lobsters at the grocery store or eat it at restuarants or at all for that matter. The thought of them being boiled alive chills me to the bone.
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Lobsters are boild alive here to eat ??? I did not know that . I sure will not eat any lobster any more , poor animals
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Steamed or something like that. But yes, ask them at the store..they take them out of the tank and dump them in a pot of water..thats what they told me at the grocery store when I asked one day. When I acted appalled, the man laughed and said, "they die instantly". I don't know about that. I guess the reason is once they die they almost immediately start to deteriorate so if they die while being cooked they are fresher?!?! I've found recipes online and some kill them first by stabbing them in the head, but recommend they are boiled alive.
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Unfortunately, the US is no better. Many cows, pigs, chickens, etc are slaughtered while they're conscious. Chickens, if they don't die the first time, are put in boiling water, I believe. They are also kept so closely together throughout their lives that they are debeaked (I believe that's the term) without any anesthesia so they don't peck each other. All to save money because the demand for meat is so great. Wolves in Alaska are hunted down by people in airplanes until they are so exhausted they can't move, then the plane is landed and they are shot close up. Alaskans voted no on this twice, but it still goes on. There are a number of fenced in parks that contain exotic animals, and if you have the money you can walk right up to them and shoot them at point-blank range. Some of these animals are quite tame and docile.

But to see it being done to companion animals is worse to us. It made me so mad and sick to see those photos. I just think about my cat and am so glad she's here, and feel so incredibly bad for them in Korea. They are lucky to have those 2 sisters.

Hopefully with teaching this will lessen and finally end.

Too bad other countries don't boycott the World Cup Soccer games.

Jill and Candy
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We have over 6000 members on The Cat Site, everyone of us a cat lover. How much would it cost to send one person over there to buy some cats? Who on this site would be prepared to give such a rescued cat a home? Couldn't we all do something together to save one, two, three ...Surely even one saved is worth it. These would be our cats. Would someone at the top be prepared to be treasurer? Anne? Hissy? With 6000 of us it wouldn't cost much for each person to help. Why don't we do something about it to show we care. What do you think? If we could our little bit, other people would follow. We woud be doing it in a legal way and they would still be getting the money for the cats, but we would be saving them not eating them. Anyone interested???
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Cilla -

I don't know, it might be a good idea if we could get some media coverage, make some more people aware of it, maybe get donations? I wonder if S. Korea would let any cats leave the country. They'd have to see a vet first to check for diseases, etc. and be certified. I would guess they are feral? Don't think they had much good human handling or love.

But... we have so many cats and dogs here who need homes.

Hope we wouldn't cause trouble with S. Korea. The last thing both our countries need is more trouble.

Jill and Candy
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Guys, this is cultural, and I hate to sound hardcore, but you can't expect the people who are used to living this way to give it up just because some cat lovers are outraged.

Instead of paying to fly over there, I would much rather invest money to save cats here that will be euthanized (some in not very nice ways) in the thousands of shelters that are all over the United States.

If this was one person in America doing this horrible act, you bet there would be a major drive to prosecute and save the cats this person is hoarding. But again this is Cultural- just as some cultures eat monkey brains while the monkey is still alive.

Again, I would rather money be put forth to help animals in unethical research labs and also help those in shelters all over the nation that are waiting for their death sentence to be carried out. That makes more sense to me.

How many cats could be saved at the cost of people flying over there to rescue those cats, bring them home, get them vaccinated and pay for quarrantine time?

That's not to say that people shouldn't work to change things in different cultures, but you need to keep the realism in check as you work. Education would be the key, but you are fighting superstition and the old ways and they are not about to be changed overnight.
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That really does make sense Hissy.
The whole situation is just so sad
You are absolutely right about all of the animals locally that need homes and so many more lives can be saved at what it would cost for airfare.

Sadly, I feel like it is a no win situation.
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i cannot believe what those b******s are allowd to do, i would love to get hold of them, just giv me 1/2 hour in a room with one of them
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Hissy, you're right.

If anyone wants to help those cats, it would be a better idea, I think, to donate money to the sisters so they can continue their work, if this really is a legitimate organization.

Jill and Candy
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Suppose you are all right. When I was a lot younger I used to be very impetuous, guess I had a relapse.
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Cilla -

Who can blame us for being outraged and wanting to help, it's so horrible and inhumane, especially all of us being catlovers. We mean well.

Jill and Candy
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I was with you all the way on your idea, but I guess us going there and taking their cats would be like someone coming here and taking our cows.
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I'll tell you what- it is all very sad, but! I always was for hunter rights- if you kill to feed yourself and your family- that's fine, killing for pleasure- is misarable! When I lived in Russia I've heard once that people in France eat frog legs, and people in china eat cats and dogs- I was in shockd, but later on I've met one asian person who told me HE WAS in shock when he saw how we're eating ducks, pigs, and even coves!!!! It used to be like people in Russia were hunting for the pleasure- but most of them do not do that now- it is very expensive to get lisence. And you know what- I am very happy to live in US now- not in China, or somewhere else, every person axcepts the way of life he wants and we are not the ones to judge it! Let's try to be happy where we are at- there are soooo many annimals that needs us- not only cats! Come on people- there are even homeless people all over US, so why wouldn't we do something about that? Just live the life you happy with and try to not do any bad things! i am sure God and all people over the world will appreciate it!!!!
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I guess while there are so many people in that country that have this ingrained in them over many generations it will be hard to eradicate but hopefully, it will stop one day soon. The pictures are most distressing and I cant bear to look at them. But until people stop eating cat/dog meat this will continue. I must say how much I admire people who give up a good life in the civilised countries to hel resuce poor animals like these and then these sadly aer only a drop in the ocean.
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My first time actually reading this post throughout...

I do not agree at all with the arguments that the US is NOT any different.

We have standards of treatment and healthcare, and humane slaughter. While these standards may not mesh 100% with everyone, they are there to prevent processes that have been proven beyond a doubt to cause unnecessary suffering. These standards are also routinely refined and adjusted, so the US IS definately different.

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Hmm, interesting thread. I should have gotten here earlier Heh, I agree that boiling cats alive is no worse than scalding chickens and hogs alive. Stuff is shitty the world over. And chickens ARE scalded alive in the US; laws on paper have terribly low standards, and even those are NOT enforced. In the end, dead is dead.

I'm a member of KAPS/IAKA, and although I haven't met Kyenan personally, I have met Sunnan. She is a wonderful wonderful person. And she doesn't hate. She helps. She's just one of those people who are so loving, accepting, giving, caring... Ahh just thinking about her I feel like scum :P If you can, please donate to KAPS so they can build their new CARE facility. I think it will do a lot of good. Buying animals at market I don't agree with--it doesn't save the other animals that the purchase will create a demand for--but there are sooo many dogs and especially cats at the KAPS shelter that were surrendered or picked up off the streets, and when I went there, I was told that they turn away 100 animals each month. I really feel bad for those cats, because they don't have the best of lives (better than on the streets, but still), and the shelter is so crowded, diseases spread so fast, they're so underfunded, and ALMOST NO ONE ADOPTS CATS. Generally, Koreans think of small dogs are cute toys, but they think of cats as evil. If you really wanted to adopt a cat from Korea instead your local shelter, it would cost you more for transportation and such, but Sunnan would probably try to get it done. Many of the cats are socialized; it was so sad and great at the same time to see these cats jump on my shoulders or stand up on their hind legs with their forepaws on my legs, asking for attention, and hearing about how fearful they were. No wonder, since their experience with humans up till then would have been rocks. But yes, spending your time at home and helping out KAPS and/or local/national organizations financially would probably be much more effective.

BTW, cat and dog eating may be cultural in China, but it's not a very long tradition, if it as a tradition, in Korea. It's not mainstream, and it only started a few decades ago during the Korean War.

All the people who threaten violence against those who boil cats, and still boil chickens themselves, why not do to yourself first what you threaten against others? No one deserves to be boiled alive, and no one deserves to be the victim of what you threaten. Not yourself, not Korean cat-boilers, not Nazis.

As for lobsters, a lot of restaurants SERVE them alive and conscious. They pull off the tail and stuff, then the lobsters are eating alive and in peices. There are several fish dishes where the fish is openend up and eating alive as well. Suffering is everywhere, and I believe the answer is to do what we can to stop it, not be apathetic.


FROM: Animal Rights Online (ARO)

One By Name

Other customs often appall
self-righteousness blinds us all
We dislike what others eat
our loved pets they call meat

Other customs other places
all that differ are the faces
We point and we judge so quick
calling them cruel and sick

Others may eat cats and dogs
but what of our cows and hogs?
Eaten are the ones we adore
but does that mean pets suffer more?

All suffer til they are dead
and the life's blood is just as red
Do they not die the same
though we only call one by name?

We accept our brutal way
and judge our equals every day
Still we blindly refuse to admit
it differs not whose throat was slit.

Mary Alice Pollard,
Canadian Voice for Animals UK Representative
The Canadian Voice For Animals ~ UK Website:
Personal Site: Just Nice Photos:
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Originally Posted by Anne
That's horrible but it's nothing new. It happens in China as well and not just to dogs and cats. I don't like the fact that dogs and cats are used as food, but I wouldn't mind it so much if it weren't for the appalling conditions in which they are raised and killed I think other nations should sanction countries that allow for such brutal animal abuse to take place.

I completely agree with you Anne its not our right to tell people what they can and can not eat...the hindus worship cows (i think its them sorry if that was an ignorant statement)...but we eat steak and such.....but to hang dogs alive and blowtorch them and to boil kitties that is disgusting...I could not bring myself to eat something that dies in such a way.....i wont eat veal for those reasons

Eating for survival is one thing......toururing an animal because it supposidly will contail more aphrodisiacl properties is absolutly revolting....i already wrote the president
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It doesn't really matter what the history of America is. Your logic makes no sense. Every culture, at some point in time, has exercised cruelty against animals. We still do it today, in the U.S., on factory farms and fur farms. This is why I am a vegan. Get a copy of Peaceable Kingdom (from There's a film that will break your heart. Just because this is still happening in the U.S. in NO WAY prevents me or anyone else for castigating the Korean culture--or any culture--for animal abuse. If we followed your logic, silence would reign and no animals would ever be saved.
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So what? We shouldn't speak out against what's happening to the animals in Asia? Please.
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Sorry. My replies were to the posters who suggested that we have no right to condemn other cultures for brutality against animals when we brutalize them here, as well. Again, we not only have the right, but we have the duty.
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I believe every one of us needs to do whatever we can to condemn torture of animals everywhere. Whether it be farm animals in our own countries (and IMO many of them are flat out tortured - ever read about the life of a battery hen?), or animals that we consider to be pets in other nations. Doesn't matter - they all deserve our sympathy and whatever help we can offer. For example, we only eat free range eggs and we don't eat any meat or chicken at home. We visited the largest dairy cows center in Israeli and decided they get a good life there, so we do use dairy products. As for China, I have written to authorities in my country and in China conveying my protest.

I agree that sending someone to buy a few cats and bring them is not very practical. I can see why you really want to do this, Cilla. That it's pure compassion and I appreciate it However the $1000 or so that it will cost to send the person, can be used to spay and neuter so many cats in the Western world and prevent many generations of future unwanted kittens and cats from living a life of misery caged in shelters and pounds and being put to sleep.
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the title attracted me but i could not open the pages because well i will just end up crying my eyes out.
and having night mares
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Hey Cilla I can fly out to Korea for free! Well S. Korea anyways...
Maybe a little s&r is in order for the next summer when I don't have school to worry about. Problem is I could only house 2 more cats maximum, and thats not a whole lot of cats saved But your right even one is worth it.



Ps. I read my earlier comment I must have been really mad
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Yes, I have seen this on Tv a long time ago, and it is still fresh enough in my mind that I don't have to look at it a second time.
I usualy just try to forget and give my kitties extra love because I just couldn't live with the thought of what is done to those cats everyday.
And yes, I know, things like that are done everywhere, not just in S.Korea. But this is a site about cat lovers, so we should expect to have more outrage from boiling cats...then lobsters.
The worst for me is to see their faces and ear their screams. It's absolutely inhumane. And I can't imagine what kind of heartless person could endure that. For God's sake, I can't even kill a spider without feeling a little guilt!
Whatever people say, cruelty is not acceptable, you want to eat cat? Fine, but why torture them?!! It is just beyond my understanding.
I hope each and every person responsible of animal cruelty will be toroughly punished by whatever superior force there might be.
And the cat Godess Bast will surely have a grand time with those cat boilers in particular.
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