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Happy Birthday Louse76!!

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Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
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Happy Birthday!!!

How is little Zero doing these days???
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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy birthday!
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Hope that your day was the best ever
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Happy Birthday! I hope Zero spoils you!

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Wow guys this was soooooooooooo nice of all of you to do!! I'm sorry I didn't catch this until now!! But it is like a late birthday present, the kind you get just late enough in the afterglow to make you feel really nice (if you know what I mean) .

For my birthday I went out of town (Zero came with which was nice) for the weekend (when was the last time I actually took a WHOLE weekend?!) to visit heather and my family. On my birthday DAY heather and I just went around town to the different malls and the such, I found myself a super cool watch on sale that I picked up, we ate at Ruby Tuesdays (and I got this super huge margarita drink thing that I'd been meaning to try for years), and later my sister threw a party for me.

I'd been on atkins for a while but I took a bit of a break, it took me a couple of days after to make up for my indulgences!

And the next day heather and I went to an autocross event which is a small car race with cones etc, but with me as the driver! I wasn't able to have my car there for it, but I actually did QUITE WELL for the fact that I was using heather's slow non-equipped Honda CRX. 4th out of 10 in the novice class, not bad.

And, well as for Zero, he had a super fun time at my Dad's because he had a little chihuahua to play with! At first he was super cautious and didn't want to come out from under the bed. He slowly made his way out, then further down the hall. Before long he was all the way out and his crazy self! He found it odd that this chihuahua wasn't running away, and a bit more vicious, but I think that the chihuahua was pretty much thinking the same thing!! But they had a blast overall, they enjoyed each other's company, but I think that Zero was pretty happy to be home when he got back.

He wasn't too fond of riding in the car. He was pretty meowy on the way back, but he didn't seem to mind it by the way home, even when I stayed in a rest stop for nearly an hour to rest... I didn't hear a peep out of him! Goooooood Zero!

Zero's calmed down a bit. Well, in a sense. When he has his crazy spells, he's really as crazy as ever. Man when he goes nuts, he's climbing up doorways and everything... scraaaaaaatch! But when I lay down he's usually within a few minutes laying down with me and he stays with me most of the time which I really like! He's always happy to see me, especially when he's alone for extended periods of time like when I have work and then something directly after. He doesn't eat as much when he's alone, but its kinda funny when I get home he gets all excited, wants to rub up against me or ANYTHING and then gets real hungry!

Well guys, thanks again!! If you get a chance, check out the little videos of Zero that I posted in the fur pictures only part of the lounge!!
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So glad you had a wonderful birthday...

A lot of my friends autox, I like to watch, but not sure if I can really do it yet. I think I'll wait til I get my Mini next year!
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Niiiice! There's a mini that does auto-x by me. I envy him because he has the tires that I desperately need!! Those new minis are super cool, heather especailly likes the older ones.
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Sounds like you had a great weekend! Glad you enjoyed it. Good to hear from you.
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