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What kind of car should I get?

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Hey everyone...what should I get?

A brand new Honda Accord EX or a year 200 Acura Tl 3.2?
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As a loyal company employee, I say: buy a Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge. Actually, I was driving Chrysler products, before I went to work for them.

Check out the Dodge Neon, SRT-4 or Chrysler Sebring. They're being engineered, in a way to get maximum power, out of a 4-cyl engine. Personally, I'm leaning toward buying a red SRT-4, at the end of the year.
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If price is the same, I would go with the brand new car.
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Is the price the same? If it is, get the Honda. I would probably say go for the Honda anyway. With the Acura, you are paying for the "Acura" name when it's just a Honda too!
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I tend to go for used cars. A new car loses so much value as soon as you drive it away, and you pay all that interest if you're financing it.
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Yes, they both cost around $20,000...I think I am going for the Acura too...it is used, but it is a better car than the accord....V6 engine? Ooohhh
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neither...a MINI Cooper S! (well atleast that what is what I am going to get next!)
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Check buying a rental return. I bought a 2003 Stratus, last year. It had 25,000 miles and was still under warranty. On top of beating the new car depreciation (28% in the first 30 days), I got it for $2000 below Blue Book.

The only reason that I'm going for a new car, at the end of this year, is that end-of-year sales offer $8000-9000 off, $3500-4000 factory cash back AND I get an employee discount. A 2004 SRT-4 or Sebring will cost me about $8000 (MSRP is $21,000). On top of that, I have a connection at Chrysler dealer, who will get me a good deal.

If you do go used, make sure that you get the Carfax report for the car. Most dealers will provide it and, if your dealer doesn't offer it, ask for it.
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Funny, that's sort of the same dilemma -- down to the same two car makes -- that I'm facing. I've been a loyal Honda and Acura owner for years. Went from a little Civic to an Accord and then to an Integra. I LOVE the Integra (which was the first car I had ever bought used -- two years old). But, it's going on 12 years old now, and I kind of am intrigued by some of the new features in today's cars.

My problem with choosing is: I really don't LIKE leather, nor do I really want it (since I rescue animals, I think that I've become more sensitized to the waste we often make of animal lives), but most of the cars with the OTHER features I want, come with leather . I am having trouble finding time to visit dealers and test drive, because a rescuer's schedule generally means that you're schlepping adopted pets to and fro or doing adoption or other events in your free time. And then, the question of new, certified pre-owned, used, or used private sales. I think that lots of people are like me -- they can keep their Honda OR Accord going for almost forever, and I wonder if the used/pre-owned can be very good deals, especially if I buy from a dealer, compared to a new one with warranty and so on. I DID luck out with the Integra, in finding a private owner who wanted to sell fairly quickly, and who had taken great care of the car but just traded his cars every couple of years. I'm not sure how likely it is I'll find that kind of deal, again. On the other hand, WHEN am I gonna be able to test drive a new car, anyway?? At least, money isn't a big problem these days -- lots different than when I bought my FIRST car!!!

Hey, keep us posted on what you find out and/or what you decide to buy! I'll for sure be watching eagerly!
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That is so sweet! I currently have a 91' accord that runs like buttah! I love it so much and I know I wil miss it no matter what kind of car that I get. Funny that you mentioned the integra because my boyfriend just sold his 95' civic and bought a 98' integra...beautiful car!!!

I know the leather interior thing is pretty bad considering I am semi-vegan...but I can't help but fall in love with it. I think I am learning toward the acura...the wood detailing...the v6 engine...gosh, what a hot car...

Either way, I will let you all know!
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Originally posted by katl8e

A 2004 SRT-4 or Sebring will cost me about $8000 (MSRP is $21,000). On top of that, I have a connection at Chrysler dealer, who will get me a good deal.
Oh my GOD!!! 8 grand for and SRT4??!??!?!?! I would kill for an SRT4! Those cars are sooo sweet. Damn fast, handles real nice, and they look awesome.
Get the SRT4!Youd be crazy to pass up a deal like that! Then modify it and be well into the 13s

Also, Newtocats, the Integra that linda_of_pgff mentioned is the older body style. They look much different from the ~94 and up models. Out of those 2, Id definetly go with the Acura. A fancy honda mabye, but better IMO. But.... if age isn't a problem, Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, Eclipse GST or GSX, Subaru WRX, Nissan 300ZX TT <-- Expensive to maintain!, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, etc etc. Those are all fast, fun cars that are well worth their prices.

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