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Popping In To Say Hello!

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Well hi there stranger! How goes the wedding plans?
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Wedding plans are going well.... Sept 18th is slowly sneeking up on me!!!

I have to post photos of my Jack and Cooper..... they are getting sooooo big...

Jack is almost 20lbs - (He's our 1yr old Maine Coon - vet says he's healthy!?)

Cooper is still tiny - last vet vist she weighed 14lbs.... vet says she'll be tiny **right now she is sitting on my lap, nipping at my fingers - she hates it when I type fast**

-LOTS of new folks here~~-

Good to see!!!!

I have to make more time to vist here!!!!!

Luv Ya!
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LTNS Lhezzza.

Thats great to hear the kitties are doing well and the wedding is still a go.

Come in when you can.

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Hey Lizza! Good to see you!

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Hi there!Hope everything is going smoothly like it should!! We miss you!
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Hi Lizza! It's nice to "see" your face around here!
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Hi! Glad to hear from you! Good luck with the wedding and I hope everything goes well for you!
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Hiya! Same here, hope everything's going well for ya, you busy bee!
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Well howdy there Lizza! Nice to see you, Oh I am holding my breath for wedding pics.

Take care matey.
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Hi Lhezzza It's good to hear from you. These next few months are going to fly by remember to breath and take a little off time before your wedding. Don't want Bridezilla popping up
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Hey - this is fun - after the reunion in Debbie's post...

I hope you're well! And I bet you're excited with tht big date coming... Doy ou have a dress yet?! (such a girly question, I know I know... I just had to ask!)
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