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wanting some opinions, please

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Kind of long:
I had an interview on Monday for a competitor where I work at ... I went there because I heard they were hiring, better pay, and treat their employees a lot better than where I work.. Plus, I have a friend who recommended them as well.
Well, prior to Monday, 2 girls from my work, went to the same place .. they walked in w/o an interview ... From what I am gathering from what they told me, and from how I took it from the person I had the interview with, they pretty much bad mouthed the company we work for. You see, these 2 girls were written up, and that day they went over there, the one got written up and was livid. When I heard they were hiring, I called the HR dept. and they called me back after I left a message that I was interested! I faxed my resume as requested, and on Monday got called in for an interview! I thought it went pretty well .. I said no bad things about my company, when asked why I wanted to leave. The lady I interviewed with, her husband had good things to say about me because I was his main contact for a few months (he is a super for a home builder). She said that they wanted to move quick, by the end of this week .. She said the usually pick those they are interested in back for a 2nd interview. So, I called today to follow-up ... havent heard anything back I was kind of thinking this: if those 2 went in there before I did, and kind of went off on our company, why would they want to hire anyone from my company? That is why I am kind of thinking I didnt get the job ... Which is a shame because I truly would like the job ... I have a good work ethic, etc... Hubby says to wait til Monday to see if they return my call ... Another weird thing is the lady I interviewed with, asked me if the 2 got along with people, etc. From what I interpreted from her, she didnt appreciate them just walking in ...
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Just my thoughts- if you spoke to the woman you were interviewing with out of turn and did happen to say something negative about the 2 girls, it could have been a test and depending on how you responded, might determine if they hire you or not. If you told her that it wasn't up to you to determine other people's actions, than you likely passed the interview.
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I said that they were both good workers & got along with everyone, which is the truth. But, NO, I didnt say anything negative about them. I think maybe she asked that because of how they walked in & said bad things about us?? Plus, why would they ask something like that?? I guess it's frustrating right now to me because what if the things they said about the company, cost me from getting on with them. Because if that is the case, that is the sad part. I will try to keep positive -- maybe they are not done choosing yet!
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This may be water under the bridge for this job, but I always follow up an interview with a written thank you note to the interviewer if I am truly interested in the position. From a friend of mine who has a lot of interviewing experience under his belt....a lot of times they say they want to 'move quickly', but then they don't. If they ended up with a lot of candidates to interview, they may not be ready for callbacks yet.
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