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need opnion badly

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my cat Heather has a very strange behavior that i cant figure out.She is 6 yrs old and shes been fixed so I know shes not in heat but at night and this only happens at night.When its really quiet in the house she will start meowing loud and drags stuff like socks,towels,cloths etc.Any thing soft into the livingroom and it really disturbs me cause im not sure what she wants or why she does it.She almost acts sad Before she got fixed last year she did have a couple of litters of kittens so im assuming she misses that motherly love of her kids but im not sure.Any advice is greatly appreciated.Thanks!
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Maybe she just wants attention??? My Cooper walks around meow'ing when she wants to play...

How about giving her 10 mins of quality time...... playing with a furry toy

Try and tire her out before bedtime.....

- Good Luck -
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Those were my thoughts exactly! Heather probably just wants a little extra attention from her mommy! If Sierra and I don't get our special playtime before bed, I can be quite sure she will wake me up a couple of hours later talking as loudly as possible, sometimes from somewhere up high like on top of the fridge or TV, but usually right next to my ear! She then will proceed to nibble at me until I give in and get up to play! We also have our special grooming time at night as part of our routine. So maybe Heather (and you!) will be able to sleep more peacefully if the two of you just get to spend a little extra time together!
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How long ago was she spayed.? It's possible that if they left a piece of ovary that she is still very hormonal and may be having a false pregnancy. We see it in dogs sometimes that have just been spayed. It will go away.
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