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home warranties

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We had our house built back in 1997. Over the last 2 or 3 years, we have had weeds come thru the baseboards .. yes, the baseboards! Now, in our hall bath, we have them coming up where the shower walls are at ... Would I contact the builder? I am assuming a house has a structural warranty dont they? Would I have to pay for something to be repaired or is that something they'd fix?
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I don't have an answer for you, but we have a weed growing from behind the bathroom sink! I killed it but it was kinda weird.
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Tigger, check with the State Board of Contractors. AZ has pretty tough laws, regulating them.
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Look back in your closing paperwork. If you paid for a warranty ( which it would say in your papers) then you are covered. All you have to do is call the insurance company that is providing that warranty and find out how to file a claim. If you did not pay for a warranty, then you are probably on your own. Your house is already 7 years old according to your post, so most likely you are not going to find someone else to pay for your home expenses.
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Hi Daniela: Ya, but let's say I do have a warranty .. why would I have to pay? if it's a structural problem, wouldnt that fall back on the builder? We've had ants come up thru the foundation, walls cracking (just the drywall part). But, about the paperwork, I will dig it out & look for it.
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My home warranty only had a 1 year contract. I had to renew it annually and pay a premium if I wanted to keep it. All I can say is good luck trying to get the builder to do anything about it after 7 years. I have seen them not want to make good on structural problems 5 minutes after people have closed on a house. Have you thought about filing a claim with your home owners insurance?
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Well, a structure problem for a house means that ( within reasonable time this is, like maybe a year or two ) your roof leaks, your windows leak, your floor collapses, things like that. I don't think that the builder would assume responsiblility after 7 years! You could have done things to the house ( like an addition for example) to make the problem occur.

And I don't know what you'd have to pay. It would depend on the policy. All I can tell you for sure is that after 7 years I'd bet a thousand bucks that you will have to take care of your own home with your own money.
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By the way, you mentioned ants coming in. I can tell you that ALL houses get bugs....there is no such thing as a bug proof house. What you do is you call an exterminator each year to spray your foundation, etc...it only costs a few hundred dollars, and you'll be bug free until next year!
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