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asthma and teeth - 2 questions!

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First, I was wondering if anyone has a cat with asthma? My krista was diagnosed last Saturday and shes on prednisone for it. Can anyone give my some advice or share their stories about cats with asthma, treatment etc?

Second...so we went to get the teeth cleaned, and the vet said she couldn't clean her teeth because her lungs needed some more air! They have given her some Clavamox, for infection?! Because the vet says she has a little gingivitis on her gums . Is there any food out there that helps cats with this problem? I dont know what to do! I am supposed to try to have her teeth cleaned in 2 weeks after the medicine works more. But im not sure what to do until then. Also, does anyone know what the clavamox does exactly?
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I am sorry to hear your cat has asthma, but it sounds like the vet has her best interest at heart. The clavamox is an antibiotic to clear up infection, and sometimes it causes stomach upset or vomiting, but not very often.

Dr. Mike has a really good page on asthma in cats:

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Sorry to hear your baby has asthma.

I'm new at this too because Kuce has recently been diagnosed with asthma as well about 2 weeks ago. So I'm still learning with her. She's on Theophylline for it as she needs it. She just got off of Predisone for an infection.

The Clavamox is (as hissy pointed out) is for an infection. It should help clear up any infection she has. It can cause gastric upset and if so let the vet know to see if she wants to either adjust the dosage or give her something to coat the stomach while on the Clavamox (I've used it several times on Sphinx with a form of Flagyl prescribed by the vet for his sensitive stomach).

Go ahead and have her teeth done in a couple of weeks when the vet gives her the all clear for the procedure. She should feel much better afterwards.

Good luck and keep us updated on how she's doing.
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I have a no kill cat shelter and have an asthmatic cat. He can't be around cigarette smoke and was really severe and on prednisone also while living with smokers. He is now off all meds and doing fine. Has a flare-up maybe once a year but I keep steroid shots here if he neds them and then he goes under a vaporizer tent for several hours. Is usually fine within hours. Hate keeping them on pred long term but I don't know how bad your cat is.
Unless the teeth are really bad I wouldn't bother with dentistry anesthsia is too risky with these guys. Try brushing with a finger brush and one of the tartar control dry foods.
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Thanks for the reply's. So far she is doing okay. Now the teeth, the doctor said there was a little gingivitis...should I go ahead with the cleaning?
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I would follow your vet's advice. He is there in your here and now and he can examine this cat. You can tell him about what you are fearful of- make a list of questions before you go and ask him everyone, or hand him the list.

Anytime an animal goes under anesthesia, there carries a risk (same as it does for humans) Go by what your vet suggests would be the wisest course. Gingivitis is not fun if it develops into something more serious and starts interfering with the cat's eating program.
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So does the clavamox help the gingivitis?
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I'm not a vet or a pharmacist but the Clavamox mainly works on and bacterial infection that might be going on.

I'm not sure if it works on the gingivitis. Hopefully someone more knowledgable will be able to answer. (You might though want to ask your vet).
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