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Any sugestions?

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Hi everyone, I have recently adopted a young kitten her name is jasmine, she is now 6mnths old,I also have two other cats one male, and a 2yr old female over the last month or so I have noticed jasmine has started to groom, and clean the other female she tends to do this when sasha my 2yr old is sleeping sasha lets her do this for a while, then she starts to become adgitated and they both start to `play fight` is this normal behaviour? Jasmine is not yet spayed as here in England the vets will not recommend spaying untill at least 6mnths depending on size and weight.
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It's perfectly normal. Small cats often do a "play fight". Here Saladina, Moab and Planeta do that a lot. They are all young and two of them are brothers. Tom doesn't do it but she's 7 yrs old. They also groom each other while sleeping. Not something to worry.
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Rowdy and Opie have done this, since I brought Rowdy home. Opie is a a dignified, laid-back 5-year-old and Rowdy is a rambunctious 2-year-old.

Opie will be snoozing, in a sunny spot and Rowdy will start with head and ear licking. Opie will reciprocate. Then, it becomes ear biting and the romp is on.

I look upon all of that running, jumping and wrestling as good exercise and entertainment for the cats AND myself.
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Nothing brings out play in an adult cat better than a young kitten. There's something irresistable about them! Most of mine do this with the kittens, and some are 8-9 years old. It's not a young cat behavior, just a cat behavior.
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Sounds pretty normal to me! Welcome to thecatsite!
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It's quite normal.
Chuckie is always grooming his brother Spyder...when he does that I call him The Momma!!!
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My oldest, at 16, grooms the other 3 all the time. The youngest, at 6 months, will initiate play after her bath. She will groom the others when she really wants to play. We have several good wrestling matches a day around here, and no one ever gets hurt.
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