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Water Intake

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First time posting, so please forgive mistakes or redundancies.

We have a new (about six-weeks old), "spiral tabby" kitten that
(apparently) was weaned too early. Although he is eating canned
kitten food, he is dehydrated and constipated. We are "forcing"

My question is, how much daily water intake should a kitten that age
(weighing about 1 lb)maintain?

I am grateful.



Lake Stevens, WA
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A cat weighing only 1 lb would need about 40ml per day. However, it is best to split it up into every few hours. The wet food supplies water as well. If this kitten is this fragile at 6 weeks and is showing signs of dehydration and constipation I would get to the vet for IV fluids and figure out why this is going on.
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You can try mixing liquid KMR kittens formula with the canned food for extra water. But I think Sandie is right - you should really have a vet look at him. He shouldn't be dehydrated if he feeds on canned kittens food which is high in water, so it could be something else altogether.
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