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How long when cats disappear and return?

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So, of our 7-8 TNR cats (the ones that weren't put up for adoption)...two have them have been missing for about 10 days to 3 weeks.

One is Ringo, and the other cat is Pumpkin, who is his usual companion. Pumpkin seemed to take off soon after we released her -- spayed. And Ringo stuck around for awhile but eventually took off too.

Now the one reason why I'm concerned is because we have (3) feeding stations here and I haven't seen them at any of them. Also, Ringo was RELIGIOUS about spending 5 hours a day parked outside my neighbors sliding glass door. They were both born here.

Our complex is something of an island surrounded by major roads....

What do we think?

Just roaming?
Trapped by someone else?
Hit by a car?

It's right around the time that these cats left that I saw the two white ones show up -- I'm wondering if the white ones drove the other cats off?

I wouldn't be concerned, except for the fact that Ringo was extremely attached to my neighbor, and being born here, they weren't likely to ever wander too far.

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It's hard to say Scott. Usually I cage them in the area they are to be released in for at least 24 hours, then release them leaving huge bowls of wet food around so they feel secure. The shock of being at the vet is enough to drive some away- but they normally do return. But being outside, there are so many hazards they have to escape. You did your best, I will hope they come back.
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I sincerely hope that Ringo and Pumpkin didn't wander off towards those major roads. Is Ringo neutered? The best advice I can give is that cats are unpredictable. My neighbor's cat, a beautiful brown Siamese outside cat that wore a collar and ID, was missing for about six weeks. Since I've been feeding Mooie, our outdoor black/white cat, I once in a while see an older peach colored long haired cat appear on the porch and eat Mooie's food. My husband calls him the old warrior cat. I thought for sure that this cat could never survive the cold, harsh winter that we had, and then I would see him again. I think "old warrior" is another cat that was eating out of our garbage cans. I'll see this cat about once a week, if not once every two or three weeks. He's extremely unpredictable.

My husband reported seeing a tortie cat that was identical to Punky, only a bit bigger. Perhaps this was Punky's Mom or a sibling. Mooie chased this cat away from the porch and the food and into the backwoods. Hubby even heard the cats fighting!

So, anything's possible! Now that the weather is warmer, this one raccoon that insists on eating with Mooie on the porch is driving me crazy! And I never believed that there were so many possums around!

Keep your spirits up! You can always put some of your clothing outside. I hope your cats return soon and I'm sending some return home vibes!!
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I have had neutered ones disappear for months at a time, and Larry wandered off for a year and a half one time! You simply need to remind yourself that you did right by them and hope for the best for them. That is the hardest part of doing TNR - knowing that you have invested your love, time and money in them without any guarantee that they will stick it out with you!!
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