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Update on Casey

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Well, Casey is fatter than I could have imagined she ever would be and moody as they get. She's loving and devoted one minute and grumpy as ever the next. She's constantly on my heals and can't seem to get comfortable. She has slowed down a little at the dinner table and we can see babies moving instead of haveing to feel for them, so we should be about one week away from delivery. I can't wait. We're hoping for three healthy kittens. If there are only three, we already have homes for all the kittens!

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That's very exciting. Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for the update Angela! Sending *Healthy Kitten* vibes Casey's way, and of course - hoping for an uneventful and safe delivery for Mommy and Kittens, and Casey's Mommy too.
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Bet you can hardly wait! Hope to see pics of new additions and proud mommy!
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