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My friends cat just had kittens 2 days ago and after less than 24 hours one of the kittens (the largest one of the bunch) opened one of his eyes. Is this going to harm his vision??

He looks much more developed than the other 4 kittens- is it possible that his mom got pregnant by one Tom with him and later on by another Tom?

PS- I've talked her into getting the momma spayed after the kittens are weaned...
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A litter of kittens can be fathered by more than one tom, and the kittens will end up lookimg a lot different from each other. I don't know why one kitten opened it's eye so soon after being born though.
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I knew it was possible for a litter to be fathered by more than one Tom, but what I'm wondering is how large the 'window of opportunity' is for a female to get pregnant. I'm wondering if its possible to have a kitten thats a bit older than the others- he seems so much more developed and is marginally bigger than his siblings.

I'm really hoping he doesn't suffer eye damage due to his eye opening so soon after birth. His other eye is still sealed, but if he is in fact 'older' than the other kittens maybe its not such a concern?

I've never seen this happen before
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Nobody has any insight on this??

'Jack' is 7 days old now and has both eyes open and is attempting to walk, where his siblings are all crawling with eyes sealed.
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