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Richard Simmons - BUSTED!

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This story is so ludicrous, that it's funny:

Richard Simmons was cited on suspicion of assault, last night, for slapping a fellow passenger at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The "victim", a 6'2" 250-lb ultimate cage fighter (not sure what that is), made a remark about Simmons' videos: "Hey look everybody, it's Richard Simmons. Why don't you drop your stuff and start dancin' to the oldies?" Simmons approached him and said, "You shouldn't make fun of people who have issues" and b***h-slapped the guy across the face. The unidentified man asked police to file charges against Simmons.

So much for Richard Simmons being such a lovey person. You'd think that he'd be used to people making fun of him, by now and blow it off. On top of that, a guy his size smacking a guy that size, could have been suicidal.

I'm sure that Leno and Letterman will work this into their monologues tonight. They've both taken shots at Simmons, for years.
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I met him a long time ago. He was so full of energy- it was amazing. I saw him on television about a month ago, looks like he needs to follow his diet again. I find it hard to believe he would slap someone though?
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Back in the days when his tv show was on the telly..... I couldnt miss a show but now
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I would think that some bad a$$ cage fighter, and yes, those guys are tough, would be embarrassed to get smacked by Richard Simmons! I can't believe he will keep a straight face in court.
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Ohh that means I will have to watch Jay Leno tonight!!!
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