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Some new coonetts coming our way

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After some of the responses we got from here re: male spraying not so bad if neutered early, we decided we could get a boy after all, SO...

A bit over a week ago we visited a Maine Coon breeder over in Ft. Worth to look over the last 2 kittens she had from two recent litters. They were still real young, hadn't had their shots, so we had to "scrub" before she'd let us handle them, but oh, my, they stole our hearts.

SO... we now have not one, but two new furballs coming our way in another month or so.

The boy will be named "Cactus James" (CJ), after his grandfather, "Cactus Jack" Here he is, sucking up to me:

The girl will be Annabel Lee (Annie). Her daddy was the same "Cactus Jack" who is the boy's granddaddy.

Our current cat, Mewsette, is a real alpha-cat type. It's going to be interesting watching how she deals with this pair, especially as CJ begins to put on some "Maine Coon" size. Mewsette is a pretty good size cat herself, but I have a feeling that little tuxedo boy is going to pass her before he's much over a year old.

Here's a link to some more pics: Those Cats Grow On You (pun intended)
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They are just adorable. So, when do you get to bring them home?
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They're both absolutely adorable!!!!
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My goodness - how adorable!!!

I will say, size doesn't always equal alpha. Ophelia is about 1/2 the size of Trent and she can intimidate him when she wants to. I've heard many instances where the smallest female in a multi-cat household has claimed Alpha status and no one dares oppose her.

Moving this to Fur Pictures so people will know that there are cute little kitten pics here.
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Just have him neutered before 6 months and you should not have any problems. I have two males and 1 female inside with no male spraying problems..My older male likes to stand with he pees, so the higher sided covered litter box has helped. Anyway, your cats are beautiful and if you have not had a Maine Coon before, they are so funny and have great personalities. Please post more pics when you bring them home.
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Congratulations on the new additions to your new family!

Don't be surprised if Mewsette immediately takes to the babies since kittens are considered less threatening than full-grown cats OR after a few days of hissing/growling, Mewsette accepts them.

When I first had Zebra, I adopted 2 3-weeks old kittens- (Spike and Buddy who were found in a park alone). When I brought them home, I originally intended to keep them in my carrier until they were a bit older then start having supervised visits with Zebra and start introducing them slowly to each other over a couple weeks.

However, the same day I brought them home, I was trying to put a fresh towel in the carrier and the kittens toddled out without me noticing.. When I realized they were gone, I looked around quickly to see where they were and to my surprise, Zebra was sniffing them.. I was poised to grab them if she had started swatting or something but after a min of sniffing and staring, she immediately started grooming them!!! She immediately accepted them.

For the first few nights, I would put the boys in the bathroom and Zebra would get sooooo upset. She'd be sitting at the bathroom door pawing, looking at me pitifully and meowing. The minute I'd open the door, she'd get in like a shot and immediately start grooming the kittens so I gave up and didn't keep them in the bathroom at nights.

She also immediately accepted Pepper when she saw Pepper. I think Zebra always wanted to be a mom but didn't have the opportunity since I had her spayed at 9 months old.

Sooo, Mewsette MIGHT do the same. I'd recommend checking this link out regarding introducing new cats to the current cat. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=22138

Will be looking forward to more pics!!
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so cute!!!
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Awwwwww, they are so adorable. When do you bring them home?
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We're planning to bring them home in about a month. This is earlier than the 12 weeks a lot of breeders wait for, but this breeder says she has found that a few weeks early works just fine for the right kind of home, and they seem to bond with the new family faster and easier. The boy will be sneaking up on 10 weeks at that time, and the girl is about a week younger. I work from home, so they'll have someone with them all the time.

It's going to be fun watching how Mewsette reacts. She's had the house to herself since we had to have our other cat, Diva, put to sleep last November. Diva was pretty easygoing and let Mewsette have her way for the most part. Mewsette is an interesting dichotomy--with other cats (and with us, too), she is determined to be alpha. But other than that, she's a real chicken--runs and hides in the closet if any stranger even knocks on the front door.

We've always been a 2-cat family (2 laps, 2 cats), but Mewsette isn't a lap kitty. She's totally friendly with us, but just isn't into laps. Before her, Diva (a stunted Norwegian), would get in my lap, but only for some loving, or a manicure, or combing, and then she'd jump down. She almost never got in my wife's lap.

Before Diva, our Siameese, Mooch was a real lap lover. He'd curl up and doze off in anybody's lap who didn't dump him out. And before him, our gray tabby, Norbert, was pretty much the same way, plus Norb was a real snuggler in bed. He'd lay down next to you, then kind of "wiggle" to get up closer and tighter to you.

Thanks for all the complements. We're getting real anxious to have them home, but not at the cost of taking them away from mom too soon.
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They are adorable! And it looks like you get visitation rights!
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OMG how cute both kittens are and Daddy "Cactus Jack" is absolutly gorgeous . Your Mewsette is just as cute I really like your site and they are some great pics of Mewsette . My fav. one is where Mewsette is looking over the computer LOL . That is just to cute
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See that puddle on the floor? That's me, where I melted at the sight of those two precious little people! Can't wait for more pics! and the tales of little people meeting larger people. Congratulations on your gorgeous babies.
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Awwwwww they are SO CUTE!
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