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When the cat owner dies?

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Wasn't sure which forum to post this, but this one seemed close.

My wife and I are having our wills drawn up. Although we hope it will be a lot of years, "time and chance" do happen to all of us, so we want to make sure that if any of our cats survive us, our executor won't put them somewhere inappropriate. Currently, all we have is that, at the executor's discresion, they can be adopted into another home, or they should be put to sleep. We want to be very sure that they won't end up in a place where they're going to be sent to a lab, or just kept in a cage and hardly ever noticed.

So what are some other options? I've heard that there are some colleges that have a "pet home" where students who love animals will live and take care of people's pets who have been placed there (you can get your pet there by donating to the college). What else is there available. We don't have any children, so we'll need some pretty explicit instructions in the will.
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There is some very helpful information and advice on the Humane Society of the United States web site. http://www.hsus.org

There, you will find these papers:

Which is right for you: a will or a trust http://www.hsus.org/ace/15267

Simple Language for your Will http://www.hsus.org/ace/12565

Choosing a permanent caregiver if you suddenly became ill or die

Make sure that you also talk to a lawyer. Different states have diffent rules on whether pets can be included in wills and trusts, and can make sure that everything you set up is binding in your state.

Bravo to you for planning for the long-term care of your furry friends!
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Any friends or other family who would be willing to adopt them? Doesn't matter their age now, if situations change then the will can change down the road.

Also, some shelters/rescue orgs will work with you to make arrangements for them to keep or adopt out your animals to be included in your will (no-kill shelters). An example from The Cat Care Society in Colorado is here: http://www.catcaresociety.org/lifetime.htm
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God forbid anything happens. But my sister has said she would look after Rosie, and if she's not here some of my close friends will have her.

But i've told them she has to be treat the same way as she is with me-SPOILT!!!
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We deal with this all the time. In fact, I got a call yesterday from a woman who told me that her 25 year old daughter passed and she wants us to help her find good homes for the two cats that she had.

She is so broken hearted; of course I offered to help immediatly.

If I were you, I'd also be sure that your family knows about your plans (If you want them to go to a specific group, etc.)

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cant you put in your will that your cat goes to so and so? if you cant, let family take care of them
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