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Article about a 4 eared kitten in Germany

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She looks very cute, If we lived in Germany and my boyfriend would let me have another cat I would take her.
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poor baby i'd love to have her
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I was looking for more info on her and I found this article

She has found a home!
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That's such good news. She's a real cutie, I'm glad that she's found a home
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She is SO cute! She reminds me of the "Flying Nun" for those of you old enough to remember that silly show.
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I saw this own another site and it is a very cute kitten. I would love to have it but it is already adopted out. Here is that link I found http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4593873/
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Awww, what a darling sweetie she is! I'm so glad to hear that she's been adopted by a loving family that won't exhibit her. A cute girl like that? She deserves it!
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She is adorable and not a freak at all!
However, the article doesn't say if the new owners will have her spayed. Do you think they will? In my readings about cat breeds, it says that the unique traits of purebreeds come from these "genetic" quirks. Perhaps sometime in the future we may have 4-eared cats. I don't mind having one though.
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A home has been found.


GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany (Reuters) -- A four-eared German kitten has been given a new home after a German animal shelter was deluged with requests to adopt the animal born six months ago with the genetic defect.

"We wanted to make sure the people were looking for a normal cat and not a gag to make an exhibition out of her," Enrico Schlag, a worker at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen animal shelter, said on Thursday.

"We've found a completely normal family for her that has already adopted cats from us in the past."

The shelter in the foothills of the Alps in southern Germany received dozens of calls after local media published pictures of Lilly. Reuters, which reported the kitten's search for a home on Wednesday, also received numerous offers from readers around the world eager to adopt her or make donations to the shelter.

Tessy Loedermann, head of the shelter, said Lilly will first be neutered and held at the shelter for another two weeks.
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