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Some good vibes for Saudi please!

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My 13 year old cat Saudi had a huge abcess between his shoulder blades and the vet had to sedate him and lance it and put him on strong antibiotics. At first she thought he may have been in a fight or something but when she shaved the area there was no puncture wound or anything. She said it was very deep. He wasnt walking at all when I took him in, I had to carry him to the litter box even, and when I picked him up late yesterday from the vet he was already feeling better, but it is still draining and will have to heal up from the inside out. It looks pretty bad. He look so relieved and so much brighter after they got all the infection out. I just hope he heals up quickly. Please send him good thoughts!
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May he heal quickly and be back to his old self in no time! (((Saudi)))
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Poor Saudi! It sounds like it must have been soooo painful. I'm really glad it's been treated now, and I'm sure he'll be better and back up and about in no time!

Sending lots of "get better QUICK!" vibes to Saudi!!!!!!!!!!!!
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sending lots of feel better vibes! Any idea of how he got it? My Taylor had an abcess on his cheek last year, it was so icky, so I know whats goin on. Keep us updated on any information you find on how this could have happened!
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*Sending healing vibes to Saudi to get well real soon*.
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Lotsa get well soon vibes for Saudi. Glad he's feeling more comfortable, even if there's still a bunch of healing to happen.
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I hope that he gets better soon!
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sending Saudi lots of good vibes! Get well soon!
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Poor Saudi. What a relief it must have been for him to be clear of it, bless him.

((((((((Healing vibes for Saudi))))))))
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I hope Saudi is feeling better
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Healing vibes on their way - I hope he gets over it soon!
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