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Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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Some idiot woman, here in Tucson, allowed her 9-year-old son to drive her car. She let him back it out of the driveway, while she was outside, on the driver's side. The kid's foot slipped off of the brake and hit the accelerator. Mom reached into the vehicle and tried to put it in "Park". She was run over and got a broken leg. Her 6-year-old daughter was BEHIND the car and had to be airlifted to the hospital, with a dislocated hip.

Fortunately, the vehicle stopped, at the end of the driveway and noone else was injured and no property damaged.

This seems to be a regular practice, of hers. WHO, in their right mind, would allow a 9-year-old to drive? According to reports, the reason for missing the brake was that he couldn't reach it.

The County Attorney is considering charges. I can think of a few: child endangerment, allowing an unlicensed minor to drive and FELONY STUPID.
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I'm at a loss for words right now!!!!
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Yeah, if kids aren't tall enough, it is definitely not a good idea. I started driving when I was 11, but it is legal in Kansas for 12 year olds to drive if they live on a farm, so a lot of kids start that young or younger.

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My dad used to let me back the car out to the end of the driveway and drive a little in a deserted parking lot but he WAS IN THE CAR. This woman is stupid.
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Holy cow, why would anyone let that happen? I am 17 and I have only driven once! (I am scared of driving ) I hope they do press charges!
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I remember when I was about 10 a friend's grandma let us drive her station wagon all around the yard (she lived on like 2 acres) and we always did donuts. It was fun at the time but when I look back on it it was so dangerous!
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Wonder what that woman uses for brain -- probably used cat litter.
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Got an update, this morning: the mother's leg isn't broken, she just has minor injuries. I'm wondering how many other times, that she's hit her head, though.

Mark has only driven my car ONE time and he was 22, then. I certainly wouldn't have let him drive, at 9!
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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid is right.
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OMG How stupid!
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I'm speechless. I wonder what else she lets him do - play with a chainsaw in the backyard?
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My Dad used to let me drive when I was like 11 or 12 in a deserted parking lot. He was in the car next to me and I remember he always kept his hand near the emergency break lol! I can remember there would be lots of birds in the parking lot and I used to slam on the breaks everytime one came near the car! I used to love it when he took me driving He would NEVER let me drive near anyone else.... and why was the daughter standing BEHIND a car that was backing up..... dumb dumb dumb.
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AREEST HER! who would let a 9-year-old drive?! she should be paying the medical bill!

Any cats hurt??
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I would expect that her insurance premiums are going to increase, by a substantial amount, if she isn't cancelled altogether. Insurance companies take a dim view, of allowing unauthorized people to drive your vehicle.
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Geez some people!!
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Originally posted by chixyb
Holy cow, why would anyone let that happen? I am 17 and I have only driven once! (I am scared of driving ) I hope they do press charges!

only driven once!!?!?!? its the funnest thing ever!
go take a Mitsubishi 3KGT VR4 for a test drive.. it'll cure you

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I'm 14(Yay can get my license in 12 months) and I'm too scared to drive a car.

Geez! Some people.
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