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Persian Question?

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I am with a cat rescue, and we just had a purebred red male Persian surrendered to us because the owner refused to pay for surgery to relieve a urinary blockage he had, and wanted the vet to kill him. We assumed his vet care because he is 2 years old and we couldn't see him killed for this!

Anyway, our vet commented that Persians are more prone to this problem than other breeds of cats.

I'm no expert on purebred cats, but I never heard this. Is it true?

Thanks for any info!
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First Off.... Sorry for not responding sooner to you! And WELCOME!!!
Thank you for the good thing you're doing, owners like that don't deserve to have cats or any animals for that matter.

While I do not breed persians, I know a fair amount of persian breeders, and I have never heard this before, so I don't think it's quite accurate.
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Thanks! Thought you might like to see the cat in question. His name is Garfield and he is SWEET!! He is also funny, playful, gentle and just plain adorable! I never knew Persians could be so much fun!

This pic does not do him justice - he is much more stunning in person. I have not had much contact with purebred cats, and I have never seen eyes the colour of his. He got quickly adopted at his first adoption clinic.
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Wow what a cutie . I am so glad he was rescued and found a new home . Yes Persian are a lot of fun , I have 4 Persian myself all rescue cats and pure breed .
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I have a purebred Persian/Himalayan and I have actually heard that urinary problems are common in these breeds, although I am not sure why. I will ask next time I take him to the vet. He actually has a small problem with peeing occationally which I thought was a UTI so I took him to the vet who told me to stop feeding him Iams food (you can look at that thread for more info on that).
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I'm a persian breeder, and I don't think urinary blockage is more common in persians, we have had it alot but only in our desexed cats, and I also know of alot of breeders(Burmese,Ragdoll,NFC..etc) who've had this to. Garfield is really pretty, I'm glad he found a new home.

do let us know what your vet says. did he put him on a special diet of Hills?
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Thank goodness this kitty was rescued! I have 5 persians and have not heard the breed has more urinary blockage problems. The only thing I know of that is more prevelant in persians (but not exclusive) is PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and that is a heridetary, genetic disease. I have one kitty with it. And she eats IAMS and does beautifully on it! When I first got her she had major problems connected to her PKD and since changing her to IAMS she has doubled her weight and her labs/UA's are improved. Sorry Jen, but I don't believe that rumor either. Maybe your vet was trying to say that perhaps IAMS wasn't agreeing with your particular kitty. I just haven't seen any evidence to support that. But you reminded me! I was going to contact IAMS and ask them about that rumor. BTW, I hope your kitty is doing better now.
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From what we learned when we took in Ozzie our persian they do have more touble with urinary then other breeds.

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Originally Posted by allissa
The eye color is normal for persians, they are supposed to have copper eyes, except for whites, who can have blue eyes.
Just to let you know, Persians can have other color eyes depending on fur color. Depending on coat they can have one copper one blue, copper, blue, hazel, or green eyes. The following are quotes from the CFA website under breed profiles for different coat color:

In the Solid Division, only the pristine whites come in three different eye colors. Some have brilliant copper or deep blue eyes, others the surprising combination of one blue and one copper eye of equal intensity.
Silvers and goldens have green or blue-green eyes rimmed with black, black paw pads and brick red or rose nose leather.
This is regarding the Tabby divisions:
There are no patched tabby patterns in red, cream and cameo. All have brilliant copper eyes except silver varieties which also may have green or hazel.
This is refering to bi color persians:
All have brilliant copper eyes except for the silver tabby with white which also may have green or hazel.
The rest of the color divisions have brilliant copper eyes except for the Himalayan division, who must have brilliant blue eyes!
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