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Is this week over YET?

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Guys, I'm SOOOOO tired! This week has probably been the roughest week I have ever worked in my life! At my store we are going through our very first Inventory & it's a living hell. People have no idea what they need to do to get ready & since I've had the "pleasure" of going through 10 of them in the past, I've been teaching & training all week (or in other words, doing all the work for them!).

It all started on Friday when I got a call from my boss who said it was required for all the Assistant Managers to work this past weekend. I was not a happy camper since it was my 3 day weekend! But I did what I was asked & worked on my 2 days off. Then on Monday I was scheduled to come in at 6am & to work until 3pm. Well, that didn't happen & was told I had to stay until 10 that night. Yesterday I was scheduled to work 8am to 10pm & actually got out of there close to 11pm. I just figured up my hours in the past 4 days & I've already put in 45 hours! Thank God I had today off or I think I'd go insane...or would end up killing someone! But after today, I've got 3 more days to go (about 35 more hours of work!) & I finally have another day off. I'll be so happy once this inventory crap is over with & this week is done!

Sorry for the rant & rave...I just needed to get that off of my chest!

Hope everyone else's week is going great!!!
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Poor Shell! I don't know what to say but I hope you have easier weeks ahead and never have to go through the same thing again!
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Awww Shell, sorry you had to go with that, but dat's Wal-Mart for ya! This past week, I have worked 40 plus hours, on March 20th, they asked me to stay to help cashier the front end so I was there from 10a.m. to 9P.M., long day...and I had to be back the next day at 10A.M. I know I have lots of hours put in (I usually punch out at least 10 minutes late everyday), due to getting out of the register right at punchout time). Oh well, in the end, a larger than usually amount in the paycheck end...that's all I can think, when things like that happen to me. I'll be thinking of ya!
(I'm debating in my head whether I want to be at service desk or be a CSM, right now but are they work the stress...at my store they're begging all of us front end cashiers to be a front desk person, but the only way I'd do it is I become a CSM, LOL)
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Thanks guys!

Anne, I've done both CSM (Customer Service Manager) & Service Desk. I really enjoyed both, but CSM-ing was my favorite of the two. At least you get to move around more & you'll get a raise for it too! I'm not sure if you get a raise to go to the Service Desk or not (my store does, but it's up to each store). I think you'd be great at either one!

I'm really not looking forward to going back tomorrow. I really need another day of rest!

I forgot to add that the past 2 days were miserable not only because I was working 14+ hour days, but because they stuck me in the freezer for 5+ hours each day! It was awful!!! It's so damn cold in there...it's -3 degrees! The first day I wasn't prepared for it & dressed in spring clothes. I literally couldn't feel my toes or fingers after awhile. I feel sorry for those people who work in that every day!

Well, enough of my complaining! I'm hoping that it gets much better & I'm sure it will be! It can't be any worse!

Thanks again guys & good luck Anne!
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