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Flowerbelle & Spooky

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Although Spook never likes new cats when they first move in with us, she always changes her mind....

(Spook is the tabby, Flowerbelle is the white kitty. And BOY how she's grown!)
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This pic was taken over a month later:
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I just realized that last pic was taken the day before Flowerbelle had that eye removed. BTW - she's doing GREAT!!!!!

Here's a pic of Shelly snuggling with Spooky, LOL!
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This is just a different angle on the same day as that first pic, but how cute is this?
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AAAWWW! There's two of my favorite girls - Spooky and Flowerbelle! : Spook really has become a snuggler. Surprizing since she really earned that name before! LOL
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*LOL* I think you need to get a bigger cat bed!
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Cuties! Is Flowerbelle's paw on Spooky's head in the second pic?
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Yup! And they're not fighting, either, LOL!
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Laurie, that last picture would be perfect for Caption This!
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Personally, I think that one of Shelly holding Spooky is too funny.

...and while Flowerbelle may be getting quite big, next to Spooky, compared to Shelly, you can see she's still at least half his size. *phew*
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Awww how cute! they're little buddies!
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How adorable!!!
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They look very cuddly. May I ask why Flowerbelle had to have her eye removed? She's very cute. Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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All of our kitties are rescues, but Flowerbelle was in real bad shape when she was found. One of the problems, as it turns out, is that she had a herpes virus. It can manifest itself in many ways, but in Flowerbelle it had attacked her eye, and it was full of "blisters." We treated her with several medications for months - but one was three times a day in the eye, one was four times a day in the eye, another one was twice a day liquid, and the last one was twice a day pill. Her eye constantly wept (you can see the brown circle around it), and it required cleaning 2 - 3x per day to prevent it from getting out of control and all cakey. She HATES being medicated, and cleaning the eye wasn't so pleasant for her. And bottom-line, there was not enough progress to be worth the stress of medication. So the final recommendation was to remove the eye. Which we did.

Here's the very first thread I posted about her - when we still thought we'd adopt her out instead of keeping her ourselves (she makes number five in our home, and we live in an RV!) You can see her left eye has problems even back then... (she's also deaf). But she is such a dear! And we love her to bits.
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Simply smashing pics
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Oh, poor little Flowerbelle. I'm glad that she found you and she looks very happy now. Sash was also born with the herpes virus when I found him his eyes and nose were almost glued together. It mainly manifested in his nose though and he's had repeated sinus infections over the years. We just finally knocked it out back in Sept. with the anitibiotic Zeniquin, after dealing with it daily (sneezing,coughing) for nearly 2 years. So I'm thankful at the moment. Lisa & Sash (Sash's website)
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Flowerbelle has the sneezing problem too! But she's finally off the antibiotics. It took a couple of months, but it she really seems to be doing well now. Before she was constantly wheezing, and the little thing is SO active! But it really seems to be under control now, and she's not a snotty little girl anymore, LOL!

I hope Sash is able to keep the virus at bay. I'm sorry you've had to fight it for so long! I really feel fortunate that things seem to be going so well for Flowerbelle. She did lose her eye, but it wasn't of much use to her - if any at all. And the coughing, sneezing and wheezing are nothing at all like the poor thing was going through before. I know just what you mean, and again, I'm so thankful she didn't have to suffer as long as poor Sash has had to!
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Awww they are sweeties
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Awwww. What sweeties they are.

Hope Flowerbell continues to improve.
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They are all so cute!!!
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Aaawwww Flowerbell my sweet girl . She is just so special and always looks so cute , no matter what pic I see . But all of your babys are very beautiful
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There just gorgeous!. I hope if i do decide on another they would snuggle up like those babies!.

So pleased Flowerbelle is recovering well!
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I missed these pics earlier but they are really something, Spook sure has come along way. What beauties your babies are!
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What gorgeous photos!
Love the pictures of Spooky - she looks so much like the Tabby cat I grew up with
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