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How do you feed your cats?

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I have a large multi-cat household and I was wondering how everyone deals with feeding time? We free feed, but soon I will have to give seperate feedings to one of our cats who really needs to lose weight.
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I only have Dori. She free feeds dry food, and gets wet food in the morning for breakfast.
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I have 4 cats and leave dry, diet food out for feeding. In the evening I give them each alittle canned food, diet if I can find it.
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I free-feed dry food to my cat. My cat eats 1/2 cup of food/day. If I give her that amount in the AM, it doesn't last more than 15 hours. However, if I give her 1/4 cup in the AM and 1/4 in the PM (12 hour spread), my cat somehow manages to ration her portions better and make it last 24 hrs!!
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Mabel is fed dry food in the morning and evening on the floor in the kitchen. Spoiled little Mynx gets his dry food in bed where he is sleeping. I wait a little bit until Mynx is finished eating then pick up his bowel since Mabel is on a diet and is allergic to Mynx's food.

They are both fed wet at the same time in the afternoon and eat on the kitchen floor.
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We also have a very large cat family and free feed dry the wetfood is only given in the morning. Mr.Poe-Poe and Fluffman get theirs in their bedroom sinve they can't seem to share with the others, Bozo and Demi eat in my bedroom because no one will share with them, Orangie our recently tamed feral eats in the jaccuzzi room because she has her own special food, Urtel eats hers in teh bow window lookink out to the ferals, the others (survi, OJ, EG, Casper, Ray, Mr.Lipps, Stripe, Meiu) all eat in the kitchen. We leave low fat dry food out all day long, and have different feeding stations all over the house, that way there are no arguments from the kitties.
For the ferals, we put out about two large cans of wet food and then several large bowls of dry food and water that is replenished throughout the day, since thier hut is lighted we have little worry about our nocturnal friends (racoons, opposums) so we make sure there is always plenty of food for them in there as well.
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Free feed dry and breakfast time I give the wet feed/food.
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Free feed dry; they each get about an ounce of wet morning and evening, in separate bowls, but all in the kitchen -- though Suzy usually won't come into the kitchen until the others have finished.
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Rosie gets a teaspoon of tuna for breakfast, and theres always a bowl of dry food left for her while i'm at work, then another teaspoon of tuna before bed.
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I have two very piggy kitties. They get 1/2 cup of dry in the bowl in the morning, 1/4 cup when I get home from work and 1/4 to 1/2 cup before bed.

I give them treats after they get combed.
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I'm new to having multi cats , but what we worked out is we have 2 separate feeding areas , one for each cat in 2 different rooms , we give 1/4 of a can wet and a measured amount of dry ( 1/3 of a cup) 2X a day .

One of our kits who came to us a week and a half half ago , has some special feeding needs because of the condition she came to us in (she has sores on the inside of her mouth left over from a treated URI ) The vet said we should feed wet and moist food (ie tender vittles ) until her mouth heals.

We have had to try to keep Cat A out of Cat B's food , now thats a challenge!
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Jeepers has half a can of wet food daily (Tuna sized cans) and as much dry food as she can wolf down. She doesn't overeat at all, more a 'grazer' than a 'gulper'
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free feed on dry during the day and then at night I seperate the food hoarders from the more submissive kitties and feed them wet and dry mixed !

I only give them about a tablespoon of wet, but they love it !
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I leave dry food out and feed 3 ounces of wet food 3x a day.
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While Sierra is trying to lose a little weight, she eats Innova Lite canned in the morning when we get up and again in the evening. Normally she gets her raw meal in the morning and then Innova Lite canned in the evening. She also has a small amount of dry in her treat ball and then a small treat at bedtime. Sierra LOVES to eat, so freefeeding isn't a good idea. She would probably eat the entire bag if I left it out for her!
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JC would only eat dry food if I free-fed, so he gets half a day's portion of dry food in the morning, and a small can of food in the evening. Unless the food is his current favorite (this month Eukanuba lamb and liver, and almo salmon and chicken (Italian brand)), he tends to nibble at his food. If for some reason he's "absolutely starving", I give him a little more kibble to snack on. Some days he doesn't finish his food, and then generally wants a bit more the next day.
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Up until recently I free fed them. Unfortunately, they are both up to 14 pounds, about 40% above their ideal weight. So recently, I've been measuring out a total of 1 1/2 cups of dry food per day for them, but giving it to them a little at a time as they want to snack. That way, I do have to say "no more" several times during the day, but they aren't so hungry that they get too pesky about it.

The only problem with this method is that I do allow them to roam freely during the daytime, and I know that sometimes they supplement their diet. (Both had been outdoor strays before I took them in, so I expect they are pretty fair hunters.)
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My guys all get free fed dry food. They only get wet food on special occasions.
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I feed in feedings only. My oldest is one a senior diet, so in order to make sure he and the others get the right food, I have to supervise. They get fed twice a day.
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Summer is free fed dry all day and given some wet morning and night (which because of a recent UTI I have to cut down on).
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Just give the ones that needs a diet seperate, its easy
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For our one-year-old cats Ari and Sully (both girls), we used to free-feed dry food during the day, and give canned wet food only in the mornings and evenings. The brands they ate were usually Wellness, Innova, and Holistic Blend.

But soon after Ari and Sully grew, we noticed that Sully started developing skin problems on a hind leg. We brought her to a holistic vet clinic where she was tested for skin sensitivities. They recommended feeding fresh raw foods and now her skin problem have almost disappeared.

We now feed both of them only in the mornings and evenings. The food is brought out from the fridge and left out for about an hour; after that hour, whatever leftovers remain are put back into the fridge for the next feeding. We're currently feeding them pre-packaged raw foods made by Amore and Pets4Life, and we sometimes mix in a bit of canned Wellness into the raw foods to serve as an "enticer".

- Donna and George (humans owned by Ari and Sully)
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Hi, donnageorge, Ari, and Sully and welcome to TCS! Sierra's holistic vet also recommends raw, so Sierra enjoys Amore rabbit, salmon, and veggie. She didn't much care for the quail, though. She also gets Innova Lite as well as occassional Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. I've never heard of Pets 4 Life. Is that a Canadian brand? What do they make?
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we leave the cat food out all day
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I worry about the diseases from a raw food diet. I know cats eat outside "raw food" but we're talking human processed food like chicken which may carry salmonella etc. Is this safe for cats? Are others concerned? What do you know?
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I have 7 cats and I free feed all. My Pixie Bobs and bobcat get raw turkey or chicken a few times a week too. Amber should have an all raw meat diet, but she likes the dry so much, she only eats the turkey or chicken when I give it to her. The raw food is left out for a short time,then it is put back in the refrigerator. I have never had a problem with the raw meat and i have been doing this for a few years now.
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I love Amber. How is she doing? I went to your web site and saw the pixie bobs, too. Love them all.
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Thank You Amber is doing good, although she has been quite a brat this past week. I have been on day shift and my wife works during the day too, so she misses me being home with her in the morning when I was on afternoons. She has been pouting a lot. Like I said, she is spoiled
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I free feed the dry all day. He loves his dry food so it's great. He enjoys the wet so I do give him quarter to half a can each NIGHT, not in the am cause I don't want him waking me up for food.

This is working so far, he is very lean.
Not overweight at all. If he starts to gain weight then I will reconsider leaving the dry out all day.
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Originally posted by dawnofsierra
Hi, donnageorge, Ari, and Sully and welcome to TCS! Sierra's holistic vet also recommends raw, so Sierra enjoys Amore rabbit, salmon, and veggie. She didn't much care for the quail, though. She also gets Innova Lite as well as occassional Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. I've never heard of Pets 4 Life. Is that a Canadian brand? What do they make?
Hello Dawn and Sierra. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Yep, Pets4Life (www.pets4life.com) is Canadian. Like Amore, they make several varieties of raw foods for cats, and they also make treats and supplements. Their website's contact info listed a U.S. distributor in Maryland. Incidentally, there's also another raw food that we're planning to try out on the cats called Healthy Paws (www.healthy-paws.ca). It might be available in the U.S. as well.

We wish we could get the Amore quail for the cats to try, but currently our local supplier has only turkey, chicken, rabbit, and ostrich. Maybe soon...

- Donna and George
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