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My kitten is not herself anymore!

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I have a 6 month old kitten I adopted two month ago, she is fixed and have all her shots up to date. Two weeks ago, I noticed a change in my kitten's behavior. She is more active than usual and she bites on everything. Her breath started to smell and she doesn't always land on her feet when she jump down from the table. I forgot to mention the exessive shredding and the increase in her appetite. I didn't think too much of it, since she's eating well and full of energy. I got some water additive from the pet shop for her foul breath, and I wasn't too worried since she was eating a lot of food and VERY energetic. Last night everything changed with her. She lays down near the water bowl but she wasn't drinking any water. In fact she haven't eaten anything for almost 24 hours. She just lays there and refuse to do anything else, she looks lifeless. She usually purrs whenever I touch her but now I touch her she just looks at me with a lifeless look. I tried to put her on her cat bed several times, but she would just run back to the same spot each time. She's been laying down in the same spot for almost 24 hours, didn't eat or drink anything. No purring and meowing, did not make any sound in the last 24 hours. I tried to take her to a vet but she didn't want go anywhere. she just want to lay in the same spot. I will take her to the Vet but can anyone tell me what is wrong with my kitten?

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I would take her to the vet for a diagnosis, we are not vets here. Kittens can go downhill quickly. Please keep us posted.

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You should bring her immediately to an animal center, it seems like the kitten is anxious about something.
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take your cat to the vet ASAP!


give clean water without the additive! ย 


you say everything changed with the additive and she won't drink - so give her clean water immediately. ย and please, get your cat to the vet as soon as is possible in case there's something wrong like an infection that could become more severe without care.

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How is your kitten?
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