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Yeast in ears

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My little Mini has a yeast in her ears. The vet said to giver her Tresederm for 7 days. We are on day 4 and she is completely out of drops. I am annoyed. I haven't given her too much. She isn't itching anymore. Should I call the vet for more? Or since we used it all call it good? A little bit of history about Mini... this is the second time she has had a yeast infection in her ears, the first being about a year ago. She has Feline leukemia so I am always paranoid about any infection, big or small because her immune system can't handle it. At the moment she is also has round worms ( no idea how she is an indoor cat, and my only cat guessing she ate a bug or something that had them) so she is being treated from the worms. She also has broken teeth and I am saving up to get dental work done for her. She is three years old.
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I would call the Vet and ask about the drops.  Normally you need to do the entire 7 days in order for it to be effective.  I wonder if somehow you got a bottle that wasn't full?


BTW, here's a thread regarding yeast infections that you might find interesting.  It could be tied into her food:

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She is on a chicken and rice formula. The vet thought maybe allergies too but said to do the ear drops and see, if she gets another infection I am to try a new food. Because of her FeLV she does tend to get infections a little easier than your average cat.
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When my cat had recurring yeast infections in her ears, my vet flushed them, then put in BNT ointment. It was ooey and gooey and she didn't like it, but it cleared it up in one treatment.  Then, we started her on a daily antihistamine and the infection stayed away.

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My Zimmie had a bad yeast infection in her ears, which at first was misdiagnosed as ear mites. Tresederm cured it completely. Her relief vet said it was a food allergy. We went out & bought tons of special foods, but she wouldn't eat any of it. After this one bout of yeast infection, she never had it again.
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