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Older cat wants to play with kitten!

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So here's a quick background. I have a boy Sphynx cat that is about 7 months old and neutered. He's super playful, outgoing, and has been around other cats and doesn't mind them at all. I felt bad leaving him alone while I work and go to school because he's so social and absolutely LOVES playing with the cat at my parents house. So i recently bought another Sphynx male (not fixed) that's 3 months old. He took to the kitten the first day I brought him home. The kitten (Titus) doesn't mind Angus (my older cat) but Angus tries to play with him and sometimes gets to rough and the other kitten doesn't want to play with him and comes and hides in my lap or under the bed. Do you think the kitten will ever take to Angus or will always be scared of him? I bought the new kitten as a companion for Angus so I can't have him not want to play with him. Also, it's only been 1 day which I know is a short period of time to expect cats to jump right into loving each other but my main concern is I don't want Titus to always be scared of Angus and not want to play with him even as he gets older. Any suggestions?

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You need to isolate the cats and provide a safe room for Titus. During this time, swap out toys that Titus has used with toys that Angus has used. This is called scent exchanging. Make sure to spend a lot of time with both of them. Then, after about a week, it's time for the cats to meet face-to-face through a glass door or baby gate. Feed both cats right before which will a) make them associate the other cat with something good and b) make them a little lazy so they are less likely to act aggressively, setting the stage for how interactions should go. Feed the cats each a treat as a reward for the interaction. Once those have been going well, it's time for an actual meeting. Have both cats meet in "neutral territory" (i.e., not Titus's safe room or a major hangout for Angus) so that one cat won't feel the need to defend their territory from the other. Again, feed both cats before the interaction. During the interaction, play with a fishing-pole type toy with the cats for them to chase. This will give a positive outlet for any aggression and show them that they can play nicely together.

The introduction for cats can be long and tedious, but don't give up! Soon Angus and Titus will be best buddies and will be the purrfect companions that you hoped they would be for each other.
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There is no need to separate them and go through the introduction process unless they obviously hate each other ie fur flying, fights, blood letting. Your older kitten is simply young and doesn't understand that playing rough can be scary. 


It's still important to keep them separated while you are not home for awhile. Meanwhile, you can have them play interactive games with a wand or something similar and feed them treats together. This, as Abyeb says, allows them to associate the other with good things, ie enjoying a game and eating something tasty. You can encourage them when they are playing well together with soft words and a pet.. 


If Angus's play starts to intensify or if you see him start to stalk, ready to pounce, clap your hands or say "No" in an authoratative voice. You could also throw something soft toward him. You can then distract him with play. If he continues to persist you could separate them for a few minutes. This works to reset them, cats have quite short spans of attention. 


Meanwhile, it is important to get Titus more confident so he can stand up to Angus and not run away. Running away will allow Angus to chase him like prey, this is not what you want. The way you do this is by giving him a lot of attention, playing games and giving treats (sounds familiar). If he knows that this is his person and this is his house, the place where he belongs, he will gain confidence. It is also important for Titus to have places up high, when you cower under the bed, you become more afraid, up high you can purvey your world with confidence. I also placed a cat tunnel in the doorways and other places where my older kitten could sneak up and pounce. They really do help. 


Cats can become jealous and insecure so you need to continue to give a lot of attention  to Angus as well. 

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