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I'm pretty sure she's pregnant... but she's so small.

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Hi everyone! I found this site yesterday and have been reading like crazy!

On 02/27/17 I found a stray cat, Rexxie, outside my apartment. Here is her the night I found her.

She's so small, and my dad said she is probably around 4-5mo. Her head is smaller than a tennis ball.

Problem is, yesterday I noticed her nipples looked very pink and a lot bigger than a week ago. She also has started to get a belly. We assumed it was gas from new food for the last week, but now I'm not so sure.

Here is her an hour ago.

Here are her nipples yesterday.

Sorry for all the pictures!

Is there a possibility this is a false pregnancy?

She's very affectionate and seems to have bonded to me. She also keeps trying to get into my closet and when I let her in she sits in the corner behind an old monitor I have.

She eats tons of food! I was suprised when I got her because she eats 4x more than my other cat.

Also, the last two days she's done hardly anything but sleep. She still eats fine, but she used to be very playful.

We have another cat, a 6yo intact male, Bambam. They get along fine and play with each other and he does try to bite the back of her neck to mate with her, but we always have an eye on them and keep them separate at night. If we don't let them see each other throughout the day they meow nonstop.

There's no chance he's the father if she is pregnant.

We've been finding vomit around the house this last week, and I think it's Rexxie's. Bambam vomits occasionally, but not in these places. He has a favorite spot lol.

I guess I'm just asking if I'm preparing for kittens for no reason, if it's a false pregnancy? Also I'm scared how she would hold up during labor because of how small she is...

I have absolutely no money for a vet visit. We plan to get Bambam neutered in the future when we get the money.

I would love to get Rexxie examined, but I can't at this time.

Thanks smile.gif
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She eats a lot because she is still a growing kitten, and because she is pregnant. She has vomited from an upset tummy from being pregnant. She is much too young to have kittens though.

What is your city in Indiana and I will find a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for you.

Can you afford kittens if you cannot afford to neuter your male cat?
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I live in Franklin.

My neighbors said someone dumped her. I think they probably did that when they knew she was pregnant.

We are just in a tight situation right now with money. We'll have a more regular paycheck coming in around 2 weeks from now. We never neutered Bambam because he's never tried to get out (he's too scared of the outside world haha). I also had no idea of the health benefits until I started reading here.
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Here is a link for a low-cost clinic:

They are about 45 minutes from you in Bloomsburg, but they have a transport service that you'll read about. The van is next scheduled to pick up in Johnson County on March 28th.

Neuters are $30 and spays are $35. Vaccines are low-cost also.

You should go ahead and schedule your male cat asap. If you do not want the cat to have kittens, the pregnancy can be terminated during the spay. I don't recommend this after the halfway point in the pregnancy.
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Wow thank you so much!

Do you think she's already to the halfway point?
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I think she's getting close to the halfway point.
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Is there still a possibility it's a false pregnancy?
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I highly doubt it.
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Cat mating only takes about 30 seconds (and that's counting all the mounting/biting/etc. The actual act only takes about 5 seconds!) so your male could be the father if you ever turned your back on them. If so, she's a bit early to be showing but since she's so small she might show earlier than most cats. Female cats can get pregnant as early as 3 1/2 months (not all females are such early bloomers but some are). So, yeah, she's probably pregnant, either by your male or some other male before she showed up.

If you won't be able to afford a c-section if necessary, it would be best to do a spay/abort. At her age/size the chance of complications is increased.
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We noticed her belly looked a little bloated only a week after I found her. Can she show that soon if my male cat is the father? I've only had her around 22-23 days.
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Some start to show at 3 weeks, so maybe, if he got to her right away after you took her in. It certainly could have happened before, too.
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Now that I really think about it, I don't think there is a possibility my male cat is the father.

The only contact they had the first 3-4 days was sniffing through a wooden door. We wanted them to get used to their scents before really introducing them.

Ive noticed lately she's been kneading on my blankets. She also tries to suck on them. Is this because she's still a kitten?
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Yes, she is suckling because she is a kitten. I had a cat who did that her entire life who I took in as a stray kitten.
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I think I might be able to feel them move/kick? Unless she has a lot of gas. Would you be able to hear anything if you put your ear to her belly if it is the kittens?

I know you usually can't feel them kick till around 2 weeks before delivery... so I don't know.
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You can gently tap low down on both sides with two fingers and then press your hands low on her abdomen. That normally makes them kick. If you do feel kicking after doing that then you are correct in only being a few weeks out.
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I was able to feelย my babies at 5 weeks, She is now just over 6 weeks :)

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I can't tell honestly. It feels like bubbles popping. Thanks for all the replies, guys! smile.gif
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