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My present this morning

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A few months ago, Luca bought me a hamburger patty as a gift - you can read about it here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=28735

Since then she has bought me odd stuff; a wound dressing, polystyrene, etc.

Last night, I woke up to find a pot scourer and a dish washing sponge next to my bed! They aren't mine! I am so embarrassed. I think that I am going to have to go and speak to the body corporate and explain and say if anyone is complaining about their stuff going missing, to give me a shout. But it is very funny!

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That IS funny! If that were my cat I would think he was trying to tell me I needed to get up and do the dishes!
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That's okay one of cats dragged up a paint brush from the basement and left it in the living room lol
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Awwwww bless little Luca for bringing her mum presents!. Its so funny though!
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That is just too cute. You should make a collection of everything she brings and have a yard sale, make some money!
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LOL Sounds like Luca is the local cat-burglar! LMAO
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Last night one of my boys took the metal drain out of the tub and brougt it into my room and placed it in my slipper!

I used to have a cat named Patches, if she would scratch me or hurt me, or I would get mad, I could bet on waking up to a dead mouse or rat next to my bed. EEEK and one time the mouse wasn't quite dead and I could hear her chasing it around my room!

How did Luca get all this stuff? Our cats love pot scrubbers and sponges! That is just to funny!
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Oh, yes, we're forever finding stuff in weird parts of the house. A favourite is rolled up plastic bags, that Fawn steals from the little tub of them that I keep on the kitchen counter. But she also steals whatever she can find on Daddy's workbench -- needless to say, he has to be pretty careful what he leaves lying around there! And combs! Hide the combs, for Fawn will tip them off the counter and kill them if she can get at them.

The most memorable, though, was the feather duster that Samantha brought home. I haven't the slightest idea where it came from. One day I came home to find it in the back yard. Thinking that it might belong to the neighbours, who weren't home just then, I put it on top of the fence so they could claim it. Well, it wasn't theirs, and it landed back in our yard the next day, and over several days made its way closer to the house, until eventually I found it in the house.

Since it had, that morning, been still outside, but near the cat door, and no door had been available to the cats all day EXCEPT the cat door, it definitely made its way into the house by that route -- and from there all the way to the front of the house, up thirteen stairs and about halfway down the length of the hall. Only once it was in the house did we discover for certain that it was Sam's prize, though we certainly suspected her all along What I want to know is how a 9 or 10 month old kitty could tame that big turquoise monster sufficiently to get it (and herself!) through the cat door and all the way upstairs (though that was probably the easy part)!!

Sam is no longer with us, but I still have the "Samantha Memorial Feather Duster" -- silly Mum.
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That's so cute!!! I just loved the hamburger patty story! Right now I'm picturing a cat walking up to someone's plate and stealing the hamburger patty right off the bun.... so funny! Your Luca sounds great!
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valanhb posted
LOL Sounds like Luca is the local cat-burglar! LMAO


Luca sounds like quite a character, and while it's funny, it's also quite charming!
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Are you suer she is not part Magpie
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It's so funny (and cute) when they bring you stuff and leaving them in places where you will surely see them. I think they enjoy watching our reactions to their gifts.Once my Joji placed a live frog right beside me while I was reading a book. I swear I could hear her giggle when I jumped up in shock.
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My Calico cat Troika used to chase ice cubes and then pick them up in her mouth and bring them back to me to throw. That all stopped the night I watched her put the ice cube in my sneaker. I was wondering why my shoes were wet!!!!!
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These stories are sooo funny. Luca sounds like quite a character. My Dori has NEVER brought me any presents. She likes to hide things though. When I sit down to eat dinner she tries to sneak and swat things off my plate. Once it's on the floor she will run off with it. Once I had eaten half of my pork chop and then when I went to take another bite looked down and it was gone! She had swatted it off and pushed it under the couch, I was shocked.
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That's so funny you guys! Tigger will sit within a foot of my dinner plate just STARING at it until I get a clue and give her a small bite. Or if I haven't noticed her within the vicinity of my plate and I wait too long for her highness, she will smack her paw on my plate and try and grab it herself. Happens every time. I need a kitchen table.
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Luca was caught stealing someone's meat from their house and when the guards investigated, she had trashed the house!!!!

I have a delinquent cat!

So, I had to go, cap in hand, and apologise profusely and offer to pay for the damage. And now she is getting locked into the house at night (and she is thoroughly unimpressed!). I just don't know what else to do!
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