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Russian Blue scratching

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My russian blue is scratching alot and there is a chronic sacab behind his ear because of it. He wakes me up at night scratching on the bed.


He is onjly a year and half and he is an indoor cat. I am sure he cant have fleas a year after being brought indoors, right?


I have heard that russian blues get itch problems often.


Should I change his food?

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It could be her food but I would take her in to get them checked. My domestic short hair gets gets yeast infections in her ears pretty frequently. My vet says some cats just get them easier just like some humans are prone to yeast infections. It would be a shame for you to spend a ton of money on food and it just be a yeast infection.
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Food allergies do usually manifest by them itching around the face and neck area, so this could definitely be food related.  Could also be an ear infection, although  normally with an ear infection, they will shake their heads along with the scratching.  Have you noticed that?


What are you feeding him?  Many of the known allergens to cats are wheat, corn, soy, dairy, beef, seafood, eggs, and artificial coloring

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I am feeding him Nutro Mac canned food, it is pretty good stuff. It has rice and oat bran but no corn or soy or wheat. 

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What about the other items?  And remember, those items listed are the  most common.  Some cats are allergic to chicken!   If you or your Vet suspect food allergies, there are limited ingredient foods out there like rabbit, venison, duck that don't have any fish or other common allergens in them.  There are also prescription hypo-allergenic diets available. 

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I'd check with your vet before restricting diet at all.  It could be ear mites or an infection.   Always worth checking for those before altering food.

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