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Hi everyone!

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Gosh, it seems like forever since I've been here, and I am SO sorry for that!! I used to be able to keep up on every single thing going on in each members life...but that was when I could log on four or five days a week, now I am lucky to have one day a week, and the past couple weeks I have been having computer problems...mostly with my new Norton Interent Security (getting it activated, even though I bought and paid for's a long story) So I have really missed you guys. Going back to school after all these years has been hard, but it is paying off....straight A's on my mid-term grades....but the downside is...less time to spend with my daughter...less sleep because of staying up late to do homework, and less time here on thecatsite. I feel so out of touch with you all. I hope you haven't forgotten me, and know I love you, I am just trying to do this to better myself and make a better life for my daughter and I.
If I have missed something really important that has happened in your life, please forgive me and know that is not because I didn't care. I barely have time to breathe anymore. I am on spring break this week, though, and boy did I need it! Spring Break....saying that makes me feel so young!
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how can we forget u?I bet lots of us missed you I'm glad that you are finally going back to school and doing things that you like..I know how tough it is to study and look after a baby at the same time.. dun worry abt us... just drop by once in a while
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Thanks Kate!
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Straight A's? Can't you do any better than that? What is it that you are taking anyway Debby?
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Hi Cobber! Congrats on your grades, that's wonderful. Don't fret about not being around as much, we all take time off now and again. We all still love you just as much and it's great to see you around. Please drop in and tell us what else you've been up to, how Amber is and all that jazz, once spring break comes.

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Hi Debby, Glad to see you around. I'm not here much either, I feel so out of it sometimes, too. What are you studying? You obviously like it, congrats on straight A's! Are you taking summer classes, too?
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It's good to hear from you, and congratulations on the straight A's!
Way to go! Going back to school, especially when you have a young child to take of, can't be easy. Enjoy your break!
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Debby, we miss you soooooooooo much, but we'll sacrifice you for straight A's! YOU GO GIRL! What you have to do for us is finish college, get a job in an office that doesn't require a lot of your attention, and then you can get paid for spending most of the day at TCS. Now THAT'S a plan, LOL!

Of course, we'll dream that that office has daycare for Amber, so you can pop over to see her all the time. We'll forgive you time on TCS for Amber, too.

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AW Debby we could NEVER forget you! you are the sweetest person on this site!!!!!
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Congrats on the A's, Debby!!!

I've had to be gone so much lately also, things have just been incredibly crazy in my life these days. I pop in from time to time, but haven't had time to keep up or post regularly.
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Awesome job Debby That is a really big step going back to school you should reach around a pat yourself on the back.

I haven't been on here much either because of the job. Right now I am working 7 days a week and have been doing that for a month now. Only 22 more days until the end of tax season and I can't wait.
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Good to see you again Debby!!

Congrads on the straight A's on your mid-terms!!! You deserve a pat on the back.

Don't worry about us too much right now. Just pop in when you can.
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Hi Debby. I just love your visits. I hope you enjoyed(or enjoying?) your spring break and got to spend some quality time with Amber. and girl we could never forget you, your posts are always the highlights of my day. Take care sweetie.
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YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I am back in school myself after 24 years, and know how difficult it can be trying to juggle a life and school. What are you studying?
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I read your post, after not being here for a long time myself, for the exact same reasons!!! I missed you and I missed this places and everyone in it... I see so many now "faces", and I jut feel so bad I dont have more time to sit and enjoy this wonderful forum like I used to!!!

Anyways, Im glad you message got me to write one too, (I was kind of embarraced to come out of my shell after such a long period of not writing... ), and I hope to visit more often.

BTW, Debb, I didn't get straight A's myself... I got a few of them though, and I absolutely exhausted myself for those - how did you do it?!?!?!? Im so proud of you!!

Anyways, hello all!!!
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Nunny! It's so nice to see you as well. Congrats to you also for going back to school. Big hugs to you.
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THNX Sam!! great to see you :-)!!
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Awww it's so nice to see BOTH of you!! I feel like I don't know the new people or what's going on all the time and I'm here every day LOL!
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Thanks everyone who responded to my thread! It makes me feel so good to know that even when I am away for awhile, I still have people here who care and miss me! Nunny and Krazy Kat...what are you both taking in college? I am taking the Office Systems Specialist course. It's a 2 year program and if I pass it I will have my degree, but I should be done sooner since I'mn taking summer classes. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers this first semester...I hope that continues. This semester I had Pre-Accounting, Business Professionals 1, Computer Science, Consumer Economics, and Keyboarding 1. This summer I am taking Accounting 1, Human Growth and Development, and Intro to Business. Only three classes this summer...YAAAY!!!! (the Human Growth & Development class counts as one of my general electives, and the summer choices were kind of slim pickings, so that will do.)
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