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How to protect furniture

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Well I'm getting FREE leather furniture from my partents, but I'm worried about my boys scratching it up. Right now there's really on 1 chair they use to scratch & it's the one by the door. I can't turn this furniture down because it's beautiful furniture & I love the couch, not to mention the furniture I have now is older than I am & I'm almost 29. So I need ideas about what works. To some extent I'm hoping that they boys are afrid of the leather like my Smokey was when my parents got it, but I'm not counting on it. I don't have long before I get it (a week or so) so any suggestions would help. Thanks
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Slipcovers, the process to make this furniture makes this highly desirable to cats and the leather does not hold up well to scratching.

Here is a website that goes high tec to help you:

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Slipcovers are just as expensive as reupholstering! What sort are you talking about?

Interesting website you posted. I wonder if the sofa mat that prevents dogs and cats from getting on the furniture can be used on the corners to prevent scratching? Also wonder if you need more than one or if cats would learn from just a few encounters then you could move it, do you know?

I'm using Soft Paws now, the vinyl caps you glue on claws. They are a hassle to keep up with since they fall off one at a time and don't last long on the big side claws. I'd love another solution.

My cat only scratches the furniture when I'm not around, he knows better, so I can't catch him in the act.

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This works for me: There's a certain chair Snowball likes to scratch occasionally. When I want to protect the chair, I take 2 or 3 paper towels, and spray them with a citrus scented airfreshner. Thenxdccccccccccccccccccccddddddccccccccccccdddddddd (Snowball is helping me type) Then I place the paper towels under the front and sides of the chair. After a few hours, I refresh the scent. This really keeps Snowball away from the chair.
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How long before Snowball starts going after the chair again? Do you frequently reapply the citrus scent?

I have to protect many chairs and sofas, would this be practical for so many pieces?

Some air fresheners say they could damage fabrics, do you get a particular kind of freshener?


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Hi hollie! I usually refresh the citrus scent every 8 hours or so, and I don't put the airfreshner directly on the fabric, I spray it on paper towels that are placed UNDERNEATH the chair. Cats hate the smell of citrus, and a citrus scent will repell the cat away from sprayed areas, just like a commercial pet repellent does. I don't buy a particular kind of citrus scent, I just buy the kind that you can get at any supermarket.
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Well, I won't be able to "refresh" the citrus every 8 hours every day so I guess that's out for me. I have put citrus scented "plugs" on some pieces of furniture, those are the round, plastic fresheners you twist to get smell and can adhere to the wall. I don't know if they work or not because my cat has Soft Paws on anyway.

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