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Not the Files!

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I just wanted to share what happened tonight.
I was sorting magazines and stuff was everywhere,
My himmy decided to help! I couldn't help but laugh --
it has been such a hectic week -- if you
could have seen that little cat in the middle
of a big mess - it was hilarious, she started darting under
papers and taking her paws and ruffling the papers. Running
as fast as she could through everything!

I surrender to my himmy and give up on any type of organization
with a himmy and a toddler around the house! Just say no
to housework.
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That is so cute. My Rocky is like that. If I have grocery bags on the floor or newspapers he is right there getting into it all.
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Muffy is a pretty laid back cat, so I when I'm tyring to get filing done (or when the kids are playing a board game on the floor), she feels she MUST lay on top of everything. At least she doesn't mess stuff up, but it's hard to get stuff done with a cat on top of everything!
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