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teeth cleaning

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OKay so I want to get my cats teach cleaned. Does anyone know what price is reasonable? The doctor I talked to quoted between 80- 120.
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That's really about normal. They have to sedate the cat first which is why the quote runs a bit high.
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That price sounds about what I paid to have Kuce's teeth done. (It ran a little more because they had to pull a loose tooth but hopefully it won't happen here.)

They do have to sedate the kitty like hissy said.
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That's roughly what I paid last year ($80). That included keeping JC in the practice for several hours and monitoring him for adverse effects of the anesthesia. Since we're in a rural area, my vet is anything but overpriced. I know the vets in the nearest large city charge 25% to 50% more.
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I just had Purdy's done Friday. His came to $89 plus another $18 for antibiotics. Purdy's teeth were bad enough that the vet said there would likely be bleeding and recommended the antibiotics to head off any potential trouble there. (Thankfully, the liquid antibiotic must not taste too bad, as Purdy isn't complaining too much!)
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