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Emmett will be 11 months soon. He never kneeded, at least I never saw him do it.

For the past 2 days I've seen him do it. I'm very excited. I didn't he would ever, since its a kitten thing.

Is it odd for a cat to start kneeding later in life?
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Frantic never kneeded either, till I brought a fluffy quilt into the house. It must have felt great under his paws cause he started kneeding that, and now kneeds my bed before he lays down. He just turned 5 the beginning of this month!
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On occassion I will catch the girls kneading the covers before they lay down but only if they think we are asleep or they are alone in the room and they think noone is watching. Rocket will knead my hair before I go to bed and when the alarm goes off in the morning. Twig doesn't knead at all that I've ever seen.
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I haven't caught Sphinx kneading but Kuce (she's over 10 years young) does it alot, especially on her sheepskin bedding.
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Sierra kneeds my clothes when I leave them laying around after I've worn them. She sometimes kneeds on me at night before she curls up to go to sleep.
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Miikka kneads a lot, be it kneadin me, blankets, the couch etc.. Pretty much anything soft.
It seems to make her happy/comfortable so I dont mind!
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As you know Rosie just turned two a couple of weeks ago. She still sleeps on the same blanket she had when she was 6 weeks and to this day she still has the odd kneed on it.

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i just brought a new cat home (about a year old) and she does it *incessantly*, everytime we pet her, or play with her she starts kneading with her front paws, and if she happens to be standing, she'll do it with all four. it's quite funny to watch, it looks like she's doing a weird little dance.
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Felix and Buttons do it to me all the time. Buttons sometimes comes running to me jumps on my lap and kneads for about 10 minutes before she jumps off again to play with the others.
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Mine does it before sleep too. It's funny, he seems to know it's time to unwind and will start at like 11pm, and then doze off.

The only cat I had who didnt was my first who was with her Mom until 9 weeks and was so mellow.
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