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No more Chicken Soup for the cat...Soul for Snickers

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Snickers was on deaths door after the last time I gave her a can of Chicken Soup for the Cats Lovers Soul food.

After getting her fixed up she went 2 weeks with out a throw-up and was doing great.

WELL - I still had a couple cans left so I thought I'd put in a teaspoon and she would not notice.

OOPS - she ate all the food EXCEPT the CLSoul but came back 10 minutes later and ate the teaspoon.

BAM - withen 3 hours she was wreaching and making a hidious mess on the carpet as the entire contents of her stomach deposited on the floor. The GOOD news is she went right to the sink and drank a lot of water (from the faucet) and ate an entire can (6oz)of the good food.

all is well once again and I learned to never messwith her food.
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I have never tried that food with Dori, but I have heard alot of good things about it.... Could she be allergic to something in it?
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I would contact the company. If you still have the cans give them the numbers stamped on the cans. It almost sounds like you got a bad batch. My cats have been eating it with no problems at all for quite sometime. Either a bad batch or kitty has a bad allergy to something they use in it.
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I've learned the hard way too... when something isn't broken, don't fix it

I donated my extra cans to the local SPCA. My cats didn't do well on it either...
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I'm thinking that this is yet another piece of the puzzle. She has a food allergy somewhere. I don't think it's the food.

What made us erlax a bit is that shewas hungry after hurling. The last time she threw up violently she refused food or water for 3 days and we had to hydrate her.

Now she was a little picky for a day but inhaled 6 oz of food this morning and wanted more. She's ONLY 5lbs but is not eating 15oz of food a day! Hopefully she is slowley adding weight that we can not notice.
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My cats love the chicken soup dry food but turned their noses up at the wet food. They love precise wet food though.
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What is the "good food" that she tolerates without difficulty?
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If you suspect a food allergy, you might want to talk to your vet about a special diet. Your vet can get special foods, made for cats with allergies, with unique protein sources such as duck, venison or rabbit to try, to find out what's causing the vomiting.

Personally, I've had the best luck with my barfy cat feeding her Chicken Soup brand dry food, and Wellness brand canned food. If that didn't work, we were going to try the special duck food from the vet. But her current diet seems to have done the trick - she's gone from vomiting several times a day to not at all for more than a month.

Our other cats have always done beautifully on Science Diet, but there just seems to be something in there that her little tummy can't take. I guess cats can have different preferences & tolerances just like people can.
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I've come to believe that certain foods just don't agree with certain cats. JC has always reacted to Royal Canin with severe dandruff, no matter what variations I've tried. Last week I got a sample of the latest RC sort, Exigent. I gave it to my neighbor. Then I got a second sample, and gave JC half of it. The result was that he puked all over the living room. That was it; I'm not going to give him any varieties of RC, because he just can't tolerate that food.
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