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Hello :)

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Hello everyone! I found this forum searching for information about my kittens nose (posted in Cat Health). 


We have 4 kitties in our family: Laelia- 8 yr tortoiseshell, Snickers- 4 yr medium-hair tabby, Toothless & Cinder- 7 1/2 month black shorthairsWe lost our oldest two, Kippy and Murphy, before Christmas. They were 16 & 17 years old. :( 


I plan to look into homemade/raw food, and other ways to keep our fur babies healthy and happy. <3

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Welcome to TCS!  You have wandered into one of the warmest, friendliest, most caring sites on the web, in my opinion.  In the year plus some months that I've been here, I've made friendships that will last a lifetime, and I'll bet that you do, too!  ENJOY!  There are some really good articles and discussion threads on raw feeding, and you can always start your own as you know!

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Hello amysuen, welcome to you and to your kitties too wavey.gif

Glad that you've found this site and decided to join us. This is indeed a wonderful site where there are many nice and friendly cats hang out. There are many good articles and helpful threads under the different forum headings.

Feel free to ask questions about cats and do post photos of your kitties for us to see wink.gif
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Yes, photos of all the kitties.  :nod:  :)    Welcome to TCS!  

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Well, since you asked... Here are our fur babies, past and present. :heart3:





Kippy. Died Dec 12, 2016.                               Murphy. Died Dec 13, 2016.                           Laelia, 8 years old. Very shy/skittish.





Snickers, 4 years. Our 21 yr old daughter's.   Toothless, 7 mos. (& my hubby)                       Cinder, 7 mos. Also shy, hates being picked up.



Is it typical for girl kitties to be shy? We've always had boys except Laelia and Cinder, and neither is fond of being picked up.

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Oh, what sweeties.  Poor Kippy and Murphy, passing a day apart.  That must have been hard.  


We have a girl kitty named Zoe who's 8.  She's the one on the far right in my avatar photo.  She LOVES being picked up, always has.  She will stand up on her back two feet and put her front paws on our legs asking to be picked up.  Too cute.  :rub:


We've got another girl, almost 14 now, who we took in when she was 10.  She was very skittish, didn't like to be handled at all.  It took us two years to get to where she would sit on our laps.  Now she'll let me pick her up but doesn't like to be held long that way.

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Originally Posted by amysuen View Post

Well, since you asked... Here are our fur babies, past and present. heartpump.gif

Your kitties are all so beautiful! 💕

So sorry to hear about Kippy and Murphy.
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Originally Posted by TabbyTom View Post

Your kitties are all so beautiful! 💕

So sorry to hear about Kippy and Murphy.

Thank you for both sentiments. It was my first time losing a kitty. bawling.gif

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