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Argh! Some people!

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I'm just warning you all I'm pretty upset right now. I'm actually shaking...

Well it finally happened. I finally met someone in person who is against NOT declawing and considers neutering mutilation! I hadn't actually met anyone in person like that before....I guess maybe because I've never really known much about this before I got my cats which was in September. I researched declawing at the request of my vet, as I was going to declaw Sparta, and it made me completely change my mind on the matter. I will not declaw my cats but I do feel it is up to the owner.

I told this guy (I don't even know his name!) what I know about declawing and he just said whatever, he wouldn't own a cat with claws. I said that if he educated himself on the matter that he would understand my position. He then said that if he spent thousands of dollars on a leather couch that he wouldn't want it ruined by a cat. I said that if you clip their claws often enough and use those sticky pad things, it would be fine. I even told him how Sparta hates to be touched but that she lets me clip her claws (miraculously!) as long as I have the treats in plain view. No budging... He even said that all that is just too much work for him and he's not willing to do it. Oh well, I guess it's his decision and I've done what I can and I'm not going to impose myself and my beliefs on him any more. And for the record, I do not want this thread to turn into a debate about declawing, I just want to vent!

Then I mentioned that Ares got neutered yesterday (and he's doing fine! ). That apparently was a mistake because I ended up being even more upset. He started on me about how can I be against declawing but for the mutilation and humiliation of "cutting off his" you-know-whats. Oh my goodness! Declawing I can deal with but spay and neuter?! Come on buddy! I told him that it helps them live a better life and eliminates the risk of unwanted kittens. He said that he would want a spay/neutered cat (thank goodness!) but he doesn't understand how I can condone spaying/neutering but be against declawing! I said one helps them live a better life and the other doesn't do any good. He said they're basically the same thing since they're both removing something. That was when I turned around and ignored him.

I can't believe some people. I'm sorry for this rant...I'm really upset right now. And it upsets me that this guy is actually not too bad! There are much worse people. He said he would spay/neuter his cats, which is great, but there are people who won't and that bothers me so much! But anyway I don't want this to be an IMO post, I just wanted to vent and I figured TCS was a good place because you guys are so great.

Thanks so much for listening everyone. It's my first brush with someone like this. I promise I won't post every time I meet someone like this.

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You did the right thing. You explained your point of view and when you realized that the guy was a doorknob, you ignored him. You tried to educate him, but some people just don't get it! You know you have done the best thing for your cats and that is what is important!
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Good for you Trish! I don't know if I would have been so smooth. I tend to stumble on my words when I'm passionate about something. My mind works faster than my tongue
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Good for you for trying. Ady's right, the guy is a doorknob. He has to justify mutilating the cat with declawing somehow, and apparently that's his logic. He's an idiot, you're not. You can see beyond the actual surgery to what happens beyond it. He apparently can't see beyond the price tag of the sofa.
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Thanks everyone! Tamme, the only reason why I didn't go off on him is because I'm at work... I'm actually a little surprised I didn't, though, because I do have a tendancy to say things when I shouldn't. I did tell him to educate himself which sounded kind of harsh but that was the worst that I did. It's really frustrating when people choose to stay ignorant. But I really feel a lot better now. I realize I actually did do the right thing (for once, lol!) and, even though he does declaw, his cat has a warm home and is fed and happy.

Thanks for the kind words!
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You are much better then me, I would never ever ever have that much control over myself. All I have to say to people like that is "So furniture is more important then a living breathing cat?" Come on think about it, if you care more about your furniture then an animal, then you really shouldn't own one. I couldn't read your whole post because I would have gotten very very mad! I just don't have the control, if I met that person, well..lets just say they would wish they never met me in the first place! LOL. We can't change everyones mind, but maybe you can print out information, very very graphic information about the harms of declawing, and the harm of not spaying/neutering and give it to him. Just a thought!
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I can understand your frustration. My impulse would be to find the most disgusting pictures of a declawing operation I could get (I saw some really bad ones on the Internet, but unfortunately I didn't mark the site), and print them for him in full color. As far as the leather sofas are concerned - we paid at least that for ours, and our cat doesn't sharpen his claws on them, as he has plenty of alternatives! And even if he did - so what? They're inanimate objects - he's not!
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Sadly many do share this view that spaying and neutering is a form of mutilation. I've heard the argument countless times since arriving on the internet. But hmmm if you think about it what is worse? Leaving the cats available to breed openly when there is a high possibility of kittens dying, the feline family becoming to large, inbreeding and spreading disease, or just stopping the reproduction cycle altogether? A no brainer there...

Now...hmmm what is more important, a living breathing cat that is capable of going into shock over having to deal with sudden pain and trauma, or a brand new leather couch? Another no brainer, at least for me-

You did your best, that is all you can do.
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I just wish people would do their research! I learned so much that I didn't know before and it's allowing my cats to live great lives (if I do say so myself )

I didn't want to say it in my post, but I feel that if someone thinks their furniture is more important than their pets, then maybe they shouldn't have pets and maybe should think about stuffed animals or plants. Oh, and apparently his cats will never feel the bad effects of declawing. When I told him some of the side effects of it, he just shook his head and said, nope, not my cat. Whatever bud.

I really want to let him see some pictures of the declaw operation... I wish I could but I'd probably get fired for harrassment. I don't even know his name or where he sits; I'd send him links to information about declawing and spay/neuter if I did. But I think I should just let it be. I just started here and it probably wouldn't leave the best first impression.
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Good for you. Obviously he doesn't care about having pets, and loving them, because it sounds like he doesn't even want to spend any time with the poor thing. He doesn't want to give enough time to claw the cat? Come on buddy, that's immature. If you have something like that, take care of it and treasure it.
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Wow I can sure understand your frustration! Good for you for trying to educate him though. That's all we can do most of the time. But sheesh... if he doesn't have the time to trim the cats claws how is he going to have time to feed the cat and clean his litter pan? Some people....

I've seen that mentality often that he showed you (where they think spay/neutering is cruel). Mostly from men. (sorry guys)
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I feel annoyed just reading what he said!

I'm one of those people with a leather suite, and yes it was expensive, and yes Rosie has left her mark more than several times on the side of it when i was'nt looking, but i never shouted at her, and she still has her claws!.

I also would'nt have been able to keep quite wether i worked with him or not, because when it comes to harming cats i can having a cutting tongue.

Just look at it this way, when God gave out brains he forgot to give him one, either that or he sits on his!!!.
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