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Cat safe Ant Repellant??

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What could I use to keep ants from swarming over the cat food bowl? I live in So. California & the ant season is upon us.

Two days ago I found ants swarming over the food in kitty's dish. I had to dump a day's supply of dry food. Then placed the bowl inside a shallow sort of tray filled with water. That seemed to work but this evening the bowl was full of ants again. Looks like the dish was touching the edge of the tray and that's all it took.

I used to have to use Raid at least once a year because of ant invasion. Didn't have a cat then - now I don't know what I could use.

To get rid of those already swarming I just used a couple of wet paper toweld & wiped them up but want something that will keep them from congregating in the feeding area.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Give this thread a try...http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...?threadid=2251
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Thank you Sandie for the link. I knew I had read the information I needed on a Forum at one time but didn't know how to find it again.

Will try a couple of the suggestions.
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Ants don't swim!!! Put the food bowl in a very shallow dish of water - no more ants swarming over
food bowl. It works !
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You are right & it works great. (now to teach Mandy to not drop kibbles into the water. (grin)
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Every Spring I get some ants in my apartment, but not to that extent! I don't find them by the cat dishes, but I did buy ant traps (those little plastic houses like the roach traps). You can hide them next to the stove, in closets, etc. where the ants usually start coming out from. It takes a couple of weeks or so, but they did eliminate the ants. I only found a couple this year and I haven't replaced the traps from last year yet. The cats can't get at them. You might need quite a few to get rid of that many, though. Next year, start planting the traps before ant season and that should do it.
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Betty, put a small washcloth or cloth in the pan of water and then place the food bowl on the cloth. This will make it less likely to be pushed do it touches the edge.
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Many thanks to both of you for your suggestions.
I'm sure the damp cloth under the food bowl will solve that problem of the bowl sliding to the edge where the ants can cross over.

Today there were lots in the bathroom (but not in the food bowl) so have found where they are coming in. Unfortunately in place where can't hide any ant traps. Will look for some charcoal to put in that area since one hint was that ants would not cross a line of charcoal.
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