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I didn't want to leave him....

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I went by a friend's house yesterday, that has the unfotunate problem of being a crack addict. She lives in a very bad neighborhood. She was not home, but there was the most adorable red tabby boy, about 6 months old. He ran right up to me to be petted, and stood with me at the door. I was walking back to my car, he came right with me, even trying to get in the car with me. He ran back under his little table, and raised his paw to me as I pulled away. One of the neighbors called out to me to take him, that he had been abandoned. I felt SO bad leaving him there, but I just CANNOT have another cat right now. I am going to try and find him a decent home. He is just adorable, and is very friendly. If anyone in Eastern NC knows someone that can give this little cutie a home, I will deliver him, or meet them. I am going to go by there today and leave some food with my friend to make sure he is at least fed. There are several cats around there that are in very poor condition, and I do not want to see this little guy end up like that. I will be traveling through SC to Augusta, GA in a couple weeks and will bring him if anyone reasonably on the way will take him.
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Awwww the poor baby!. I hope you find him a good home soon, but bless you for feeding him!
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You haven't left him, if you're making sure he's fed and looking for a home for him then he's in good hands.
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AWW! what a sweetie!!!! Thanks for feeding him! But he needs a home fast or he won't be so nice for long. Can you shelter him until someone adopts him?
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I wish I could take him in until I find a home, but I just can't. Once they get here, they never leave. I would love to have him permanently, but I am double my cat limit right now, and I am really not supposed to have any. My landlord would hit the roof if he knew.
I think my friend is going to let him in since she has some help caring for him. I am going to see if there is some way I can at least get him his shots. They have low cost clinics for shots around here, usually about this time of year, so I may be able to do that when I take mine.
Poor baby got beaten up by the neighborhood tomcat, and he had a few lumps and bumps yesterday. He didn't look like he was seriuously hurt. My friend broke up the fight and cleaned his wounds, but we are going to keep a watch for abscesses. Please send out find-kitty-a-home-vibes!
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Poor little guy! Is there a rescue group close by that you could contact to get him into a foster home? Or maybe you could at least bring him to their adoption events? He sounds like such a little love, I would think he would win someone's heart in no time!
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You are such an angel, and I am SURE you will find him a wonderful home! He really does sound like such a sweetie-pie. I'm glad he's inside for now, and with your supervision and help I expect he'll be a pet kitty real soon.

Sending "Find a Home Real Soon" and "heal up fine and quickly" vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You said one of the neighbors told you to take him in. Did you talk to that person again? Why couldn't he/she adopt him? Or at least, help out in taking care of the kitty until it gets adopted?
But you are doing a wonderful job! I wish you all the luck!
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I hope that you find a good home for him soon. He may be better off in a no kill shelter until he finds a home since he is fighting with other cats in the neighborhood. Is there one near by that you can call. He is still young and sounds friendly. Maybe he will find a good home soon through a rescue group if you can take him there. Or maybe the vet that you take him to could help out with his adoption?
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I calle the local rescue group, but have not been called back. The people in the neighborhood where the littel guy lives are not interested in anything but drugs and alcohol. I had to make it very clear that he is to be left alone until I come for him. I do not want him harrassd or tormented by some drunk or crackhead. I jerked up 2 drunks and threw them in to the parking lot over there at my friend's house once, so they know I mean business.
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Good for you!. The thought of them tormenting makes me so mad!. But please be carefull.
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it's too bad you can't take him home with you until you find a rescue organization that will take him since you feel that he may be in danger where he is
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Can you keep him in a garage or something until you find a rescue?? I'd hate to see him get out and then disappear.

I answer a phone line at my resuce for people who need to rehome cats and I've got to tell you that sometimes it's overwhelming with the number of calls that come in.

I'd call them again, leave another message and let them know that time is of the essence and that this cat may be in danger.

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The person from the local cat rescue called me a few minutes ago. That group is a joke. Their standard reply is "we're full, I can put you on a waiting list and maybe get back to you in a month." I told her his story, and that he would probably be dead in a month, and got a stony silence. This idiot can try to "rescue" the Wal-Mart garden cat, that does not need rescuing, (and get badly bitten in the process) but can't help me help this poor little guy. I know that many of these organizations are overwhelmed, but I have never heard of this group actually doing ANYTHING! They run the adoption drives and cages at Petsmart, but do not get off their butts and do anything else. If it requires more than a phone call, or a trip to Petsmart, they can't do it.
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Agh! I feel your pain...I have a cat named Peaches who I would love to adopt out but she is living in my bedroom until I find her a home.

I hope that you can save this little guy asap, he sounds like a special little kitty who deserves attention from people who have time for him instead of drugs
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I must take back what I said about them not doing anything. I had no sooner hit "send" for my last post when the phone rang. It was the lady from the rescue agency. She said if I could have him there at Petsmart by 3 o'clock tomorrow, they would put him in the adoption center, where he will stay until is adopted, or can go to a foster home. They do not kill them once they take them in. They will have him neutered, give him his shots, and treat him for injuries.
OK, now for the bad news. I went to get him tonight, and he was nowhere to be found! He had been there only moments before I arrived, but disappeared. I left the carrier with my friend, and she said if he comes back, she will let him in, and put him in the carrier for me. When he had a home, he slept in a carrier, so he may go right in. Please send us some kitty-come-back vibes!
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OMG that is wonderful news and bad news all at the same time! You know how cats can be though, they are good at hiding. Even indoors they can be hard to find sometimes! Keep your hopes up and he will turn up soon!
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Oh and, put out some tuna fish. Hopefully he will be drawn to the scent!
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yeah ! that is great ! be very aggressive and you will find him. Don't give up on him !
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Oh you're doing great. I hope you found him. Keep us posted. Thanks for helping with this sweet boy.
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I went back over there this morning, and there he was. He walked up to me and flopped over for a tummy rub. My friend let him in, and he walked right in to the carrier. He is on my porch in the carrier waiting to be taken to the adoption center. He hasn't even cried much over being in the carrier. He is such a good boy, he will make someone a wonderful companion. I am so happy it went well and he is not totally trumatized.
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I am so glad to hear that you caught him and he will be going to a better home soon!!

You did a really good thing rescuing him

Do you get to go to Pet Smart and see him while he is there?
Do you have any pics of him? I would love to see him.

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Awww thats brilliant news!. I hope the baby finds a loving home.

Give yourself a pat on the back!
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That is WONDERFUL news!!!!
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
I calle the local rescue group, but have not been called back. The people in the neighborhood where the littel guy lives are not interested in anything but drugs and alcohol. I had to make it very clear that he is to be left alone until I come for him. I do not want him harrassd or tormented by some drunk or crackhead. I jerked up 2 drunks and threw them in to the parking lot over there at my friend's house once, so they know I mean business.
I am so glad the adoption center called you back and that you found him and caught him! That is great!!! You are one of God's many earth angels for caring about his many creatures and taking the time to help. THANK YOU!!!!!!! This world could use many more hearts like yours! *HUGS*
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I got im to Petsmart, yesterday on my way to school. I took him out of the carrier, hugged him, he gave me a little head bump, and went to the rescue lady. She put in in front of her carrier, and he went right in. He is going directly to a foster home until he recovers from his neutering. I did not get any pics before he left, but will try when he goes to the adoption area. She said she really did not have a space for him, but I convinced her, and she felt sorry for me. I guess all the whining was worth it in the end. He is such a little love, he will have no trouble finding a good home. The adoptin fee is high there, and the adoption screening stringent, so I know I do not have to worry about him going just anywhere. They had so many people get pets, get deployed, then turn them back in or abandon them, they have gotten very strict. I doubt I could pass their muster because I rent, and it does not say I can have pets in my lease.
I am so happy for little Chester!
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I cannot even tell you how happy I am. Yeah for you !!!!! A zillion hugs ! Doesn't it feel good to do such good in the life of an animal ??
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Rebecca, I'm so happy you were able to help this little guy! From the sounds of it, he won't have any trouble at all finding a wonderful home.
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