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Saved from intruder by Red Cat! My hero!!!

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I heard a noise. Yes, there was someone in my house. I heard him come closer. He was now right in my bedroom and coming right for me in my bed. I screamed! Red Cat immediately flung himself across my chest, nuzzled up to my neck and saved me . . . from another nightmare.

This is the third time in a year that Red Cat has done this. What a hero he is! It was funny, because the first time it happened, I had just watched a TV program a few nights before where they had been talking about the many dogs who had saved their owners lives. And at the time I thought, "I only have cats. What in the world would they be able to save me from?" Well, I soon found out.

Not only has he saved me from nightmares, but you would not believe the comfort he was during the times when my husband had medical emergencies and I didn't think he was going to make it, and then after his death. I'm not a person who cries easily, but there were, quite naturally, times then that I broke down sobbing. And each time, Red Cat (never Purdy) would jump in my lap, put his paws up on my chest, nuzzle my neck, and purr, purr, purr. I didn't need to seek him out. He immediately knew what I needed. What an angel!

Isn't it wonderful that animals can be so atune to human emotions? Please share any such experiences you, too, may have had.
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You clever boy Red Cat!!!.
The only experience i had with Rosie was when my boyfriend and i split. Naturally i was upset and had Rosie sleep in my room, where she would curl up on my boyfriends pillow. Several times she would stretch out a paw and just touch my cheek as if to say 'It's going to be ok!'. But they do say that animals can tell if your happy or sad?!.
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What lucky people you are to have such sensitive cats. When ever the door bell rings or other noises in the house my lot go flying upstairs! Great help they are. Mischa is the worse all 8 kilos of her. She hides in the bed or in the curtains when she is scared. The good thing is though if there are strange noises in the night I do know its nothing bad if she is still asleep ON the bed and not quickly burrowing under the covers to hide.
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I had a big ole gray tabby named Tom. Tom liked my dad and when he was sick in the hospital I would put on a heavy jacket and smuggle Tom in to see my dad. I think it was good for both of them. Tom spent 2 days with pop in the hospital in Shreveport, He actually got busted by the nurses but they let him stay. Sadly my dad passed just a day after Tom came home. Tom himself passed about a year later of the same heart related illness. They where both good guys.
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What sweet stories. Kitties are really amazing, aren't they?

When Ophelia was still a baby, and still very much feral (no touching at all at that point), I got really sick and spent 3 days in bed with the flu. She spent the whole time curled up on the pillow next to me. I still couldn't touch her, but in her own way she wanted to take care of me, even as a little bitty baby kitty.
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I don't know how many of you believ what some Psyhic's say or do but this one incident made me a beliver at least in this one. so here's my story..........

About a year and a half ago I was going through some major problems! I had lost my job for a stupid reason. I was living in my dream home of the time, But was faced with getting evicted. I was deeply depressed because of losing my job(I was fired for the first time in my life all because I took a day off but anyways....) I had been looking and applying for a new job for 6 months and wasn't even getting interviews. Times were horriable! Then one day my sister called me and told me that she had to tell me something.......My first thought was about my grandfather that he was sick or something. But then she started telling me about how the past year she had been traveling around the country seeing different Psyhic's trying to get in contact with our grandmother who had passed away. She had been to the John edwards show and to some other person's show and been to many different pyshic's in the metro area and in other states. She had finally given up trying to contact our grandma, Until she got a flyer for a psyhic. She decided to go see her and went without any certain thing in mind. But when she got there she was told in detail.........Tell Cindy(that's me) That her grandmother is getting very upset because she has been trying to get a hold of her. She's tried calling her(I had been recieving hang up calls for MONTHS prior to this) She has been moving her stuff around on her( I had lost my keys, and wallet many times!! and I don't lose stuff!) and now she's gotten to the point that she is going to use her cat(my sister didn't know I had a Cat) to try and get her attention. This is when I just had Willow, and had started noticing that for no reason what so ever Willow would do everything in her power to get my attention, Meowing at my feet for no reason, batting at my face when I was laying down, even sitting right next to me on the couch and staring at me for long periods on time. She would also Crawl up on to my chest and just look at me. This wasn't her normal behavior, she's a rather independent kitty but also loves to cuddle if she's not cuddling you rarely see her. I was in tears I was shocked i didn't know what to say or do. So I did what my sister suggested I took Willow to my bedroom and spent some quiet time with her. Talked to her as if she was my Grandma and That was the last time I had an hang up calls, lost any of my stuff, and the last time that Willow acted like she HAD to have my attention. To this day I still take a few minutes to spend with Willow and talking to my Grandma.

Like I said I don't know how many of you belive, But I for one know that my grandma wanted to support me in my time of hardship and she used Willow to help her out. This might not be the right thread for this but Willow helped me out she saved me in a different way.
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This is why I believe your pets should sleep with you in your room.
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Lovely stories!

When my husband and I were at the peak of having problems and he moved out, Peaches helped me though it. She was my only cat at the time. I lay in my bed crying and crying and Peaches (who was new at my home and not very affectionate yet) climbed on my chest and licked my face. She just stayed there all night long! Since that night, Peaches has to be where ever I am in the house! She's so sweet!
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I've had two special incidents (well one incident and one special cat) that will always stand out.

Years ago, I owned a home in NY state, and didn't realize that my older gas furnace had a leak. The leak caused one of my cats to begin having a kind of seizure where he would become very aggressive afterwards. Just once, before he was diagnosed and placed on medication,he was aggressive enough to begin getting down from the window sill he was on and charge me....my other cats threw themselves in front of me, blocking his path, and fortunately, he came to his senses and didn't start a fight with any of them. And fortunately, I began to get sick enough to finally call in someone to check the furnace before the house blew (sounds dramatic but let me just say the repairman was a bit startled and urgent sounding when he told me what he'd found).

And then there is Alix. She *always* knows if I'm feeling sad or am about to cry. She seems to know before I realize it sometimes, as she will come running to me, doing her little inquisitive cry, and stand up on her back legs, putting a front paw on my leg to get me to look at her. She then keeps meowing and gazing at me until I pick her up. She's one reason I laugh when folks talk about cats as cold & unresponsive...not mine, not a one.
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