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My Himalayan pair

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Hope this works
My sweet Blue point Bibby is 10 years old-adopted from a shelter 2 years ago- has a few health problems, including PKD- but is mostly well.

I went to a breeder when I decided, after a lot of research, to get her a friend- Bibby hated him at first (he has always adored her) but they now get along very well- so cute seing them chase each other and groom each other. Beau is now 1 year old

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Catherine what a gorgeous pair of fur babies you have!
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Beautiful! Got more?
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Theyre beautiful!
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very attractive babies.
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They're both gorgeous.
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Thanks for the nice comments
I have so many photos- asking for more may be a mistake!!
Took loads of pics as Beau was growing- amazing how much he changed so quickly.
My favourites are always the pictures of them together.
This is a couple of weeks after I brought Beau home- nice as Bibby hissed and growled constantly for over a week when she saw him- he always just squeaked and bounced up to her when I let him out of his room (even when she was at her worst) and wanted to be near her- she eventually seemed to decide he was harmless and actually quite fun to play with.
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Oh how cute! They are absolutely beautiful! I could never get tired of looking at more pictures! More, more, more!!!!
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Biiby has learned she just has to lie next to the food bowl and food appears- in this pic Beau as a kitten just pushed in next to her and started waiting- then yawning.

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They're gorgeous! What beautiful hair they both have!
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Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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OMG , both baby's are very cute and beautiful
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Awww, pretty kitties!
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I'm in love. They are both just beautiful.
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Thanks for all the nice comments
I think they are beautiful but I'm biased.
I was amazed that Bibby (the Blue point) was given up for adoption at 8 years of age- she's as sweet as she is cute- but my vet thinks it was probably because of her health. It's taken a bit of effort to get her well.
Went to a breeder for Beau- to decribe his character I would say 'sweetness and light'
So far he has been incredibly healthy.
Another pic of them waiting to be fed- taken on Beau's 1st birthday last week.

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wow they are lovely. just beautiful
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So beautiful! Happy belated Birthday, Beau!! :flash:
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Persians are my weakness. They are totally adorable! What a sweet face Beau has!
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This is Bibby's favourite sleeping position- I think it is so cute.

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They are beautiful
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Awww.....can I come over and put my cheek on her tummy?????
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Oh how sweet! That can also go in the pictures of tummies thread!
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Another pic of my babies cuddling-
Beau looks huge next to Bibby- but is mostly fur.

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Worried me a bit when Beau was little- but he could always look after himself and there has never been any real aggression between the two.

Then Bibby stops to pose for the camera

Had an old sheet on the floor as a favourite game is to drag one of them around on it- they love it
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What a cute little pair
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All of these pictures are great! What beauties!
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This is a picture of Beau- taken when I first saw him at a cat show

Then one week later when I brought him home

Changed a lot but still cute
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Awwww they're both adorable
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Your babies are so sweet together! They must really love eachother!
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