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New member- long time visitor

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I've just realised I've been a member of this site for nearly 2 years, have been visiting daily for even longer- and only posted a few times- about time I introduced myself.

I'm Catherine, from Australia and owned by 2 Himalayan Persians.
I found Bibby- an 8 year old Blue Point Himalayan in a shelter over 2 years ago- later after a lot of vet visits found she had a few health problems- basically PKD and IBD- but thanks to a great vet she is well most of the time and I adore her.
I'd never heard of a Himalayan until I found her. I'd also never considered adopting a long haired cat- was actually looking for a DSH when I found her.
For about a year as my working hours increased, I worried about her being lonely. Didn't know if she'd ever been around other cats before so didn't rush the decision to get her a friend.
Chose another Himalayan partly because I love the breed now- and thought a cat (kitten) with a similar nature would work best- and it did after an stressful but short introdution period. ( i learned a lot from this site on this subject!)
Beau is now 1 year old and Bibby 10. They play together, groom each other and get along well.
Will post pics if I can work out how to do so
Bets wishes
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Welcome Catherine
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Hi Catherine, so nice to finally "meet" you. I can't wait to see pics of your cats.
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Welcome to the site! Or should I say, It's very nice to meet you!

We have another member here who adopted a little Persian with PKD. Perhaps you could encourage each other with tips on how to help the girls.
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Welcome to the site Catherine. I saw your babies in the fur pictures and their gorgeous
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Welcome Catherine, Bibby and Beau!
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A Long awaited Welcome to you, Bibby and Beau to TCS.
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Great to meet the three of you! So glad your here!
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Welcome to TCS....well...posting at least.

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Hello , nice meeting you
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Thanks for the warm welcome.
I learned a lot from this site when deciding whether of not to get Bibby a friend and about cat introductions.
Have just been a bit timid about posting- although have generally replied to any mention of PKD.
Cheers and thanks
Catherine, Bibby and Beau
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Hello and welcome!!!!
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