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For Kate & Aaron

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Closeness that bonds two people as one.
Openess of minds, once this new life's begun.
Nearness to God, Whose Spirit you seek.
Grace to accept, what each other will teach.
Respect for each other as man & wife.
Awareness to follow you all of your life.
T ruth you'll discover with each passing day.
Union of two hearts who meet on the way.
Love that will grow, throughout the years.
Affection to help wipe away any tears.
Time to grow old, together to plan.
Intimacy between this Woman and Man.
Oneness of body, of soul and of heart.
Nurturing each other, never to part.
Special you are, and special you'll stay-
together forever, beginning this day.

-MA Miller-

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With all the "heartfelt" meaning of everything Hissy said; My CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Hugs, Meows, and Purrs, TLK and her 6 =^.".^= 's
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Hissy that was lovely and very thoughtful.Many Congratulations Blue and Aaron

Jackie and Felix
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you are such a beautiful woman, Maryanne.

it makes me smile, and keep smiling to know you have kept this in your thoughts,
and my joy in your own.

i know you know what it is to love, and what it is to discover.
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i discovered my soul mate much the same as you discovered yours. Many people told us "it would never work" but it works and has been working for over 14 years. May you and Aaron always be the best of friends and may you always have humor to start your day and love to end it....

Many blessings-
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Hissy.....that was such a beautiful poem!!!
Blue, I already gave you big congratulations in the other thread, but I cannot say it enough times....

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!

I am so very happy for you!!!
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